How to Develop a Customer Service Strategy

customer service strategy

Are you in the process of developing your customer service strategy?

It might be for the next month, the following quarter, or a new financial year. Whichever it may be, you need to come up with a plan on how you’re going to interact with them and keep them loyal.

But where do you start with a customer service strategy? Depending on your team and the organisation, this can be something that’s small due to the limited ways you interact with clients, or it can be enormous due to the volume of enquiries you take a day.

Fortunately, the approach to the customer is the same. Here are the steps you should take when developing a service strategy.

Start By Understanding the Company Goals

There’s no point in developing a customer service strategy if it doesn’t align with your organisation’s plans. What is your business looking to achieve over the next month, quarter, financial year? Is it to grow a customer base or retain a certain volume of clients? Maybe there are efficiency goals.

No matter what it is, customer service plays a part. For new customers, your customer service teams can help reduce leakage. For retaining clients, it’s customer service that can be the differentiator between competitor businesses. For efficiency goals, this is about doing more with less. Find a way to make a link to your company strategy.

Be Clear on Where You Are Today

We’ve all got to start somewhere. Draw a line in the sand and mark down where you are today with your customer service experience. You want to have tangible information. Use statistics such as customer lifetime value, customer satisfaction scores, or even lapse rates.

You need to know where you are working from. The goal by the end of the deployment of this customer service strategy is to see where you are now and the difference you’ve made.

Define What Success Looks Like

Now that you know where you are, it’s time to work where you want to be. Depending on your organisation’s size, it might be easy to manoeuvre change, or it could be like turning a cruise liner. You’ll need to take this into consideration when you decide on the metrics you’re measuring.

It’s good to choose a realistic measurement and then a stretch goal. The first measurement is what you’ll be happy to see by then of the time period. But the stretch goal is what everyone will actually be working towards.

Identify What Initiatives What Can Help You Reach Success

So you’re clear on where you are and what you want to achieve, you should now have an idea of initiatives that can get you there. This needs to go beyond coaching and development. While this forms a part of it, this is a BAU task. Continuous improvement should be happening regardless of the customer service strategy.

Think more about training sessions, rewriting of scripts, and system enhancements that can support your teams. You should also engage other teams such as marketing, strategy, product, and digital. How can they help achieve the results that you’re setting?

Agree on When You’ll Revisit the Customer Service Strategy

It’s important to circle back on your customer service strategy. Maybe not so much daily or weekly. But you should at least revisit it on a monthly basis and review your trajectory once a quarter.

It’s at these intervals you can decide if you need to make any changes to the customer service strategy. Is it still relevant to the business, or have the powers that be decided to pivot? Strategies can evolve and become something completely different. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments if you need to.

Need Help Deploying Your Customer Service Strategy?

Many companies don’t believe in developing a customer service strategy. They believe all they need to do is keep them happy to keep their business. However, customers have more choice than ever. You no longer have to meet their expectations. You need to exceed them if you want to stay in business.

A customer service strategy helps put this plan in place and keeps you focussed on the task at hand.

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