5 Tips for Retaining Employees

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Are you having trouble retaining good employees?

No one enjoys having a pile of resignation letters piled up on the desk or taking up room in their inbox. It makes you question what you’ve done or what you could have done better as a leader. Maybe you didn’t pay them enough, or there’s a problem with your culture.

So how do you slow down the influx of resignations? You don’t have time to recruit and train every single new starter up, so your best plan of attack is retaining the employees you already have.

But what’s the best way to keep them? Here are a few tactics you can try to keep your existing employees and stop them from looking elsewhere.

1. Approve Time Off

The most disappointing news to an employee is having time off denied after finishing a major project or right after a peak period. Normally the reason for the denial is that it’s still busy. But sometimes there’s no good time to take leave from work. Your employee shouldn’t be punished because you’re not adequately resourced.

While you might not be able to approve a six-week vacation, the company is unlikely to go out of business if your employee wants to take a week or two off. Ask yourself if you’re ok with them not coming in for a couple of weeks or not at all because they’ve resigned.

2. Focus on Value Over Hours

Some leaders are adamant that their employees need to work their full eight hours. Regardless if they complete their tasks sooner or have worked longer hours on other days. This tells your employee that you value the amount of time they work over their contribution to the organisation.

You’re better off setting a precedent that your employees can set their own hours. They can come and go as they please as long as the work gets done. This way, they’re able to maximise the minutes they’re working and take an early mark on the days they don’t have anything to work on.

3. Reduce the Number of Meetings

Meetings suck the life out of employees. Nobody enjoys going from one room to another or spending their entire day jumping into zoom calls. When are your people expected to get their day job done?

Why do you need to have so many meetings? There are better ways to collaborate, and not every discussion needs to involve a group discussion. So try to figure out how you can meet less and give your employees time to focus more on the job at hand.

4. Respect Your Employee’s Time

There are some organisations that expect you to be on standby at all times. You’re expected to be reading work emails at all hours of the night and answering text messages from superiors. But if the office is closed, why can’t any of this wait until the next morning?

The moment your employee goes offline means that their day at the office has concluded, and they shouldn’t be disturbed. So avoid sending off emails or contacting them during the night and let them enjoy their time to unwind.

5. Get Buy In on the Company Vision

People like to feel like they’re waking up for a reason. That they’re contributing to something or making some sort of difference. They don’t want to be completing a bunch of busy work for no reason.

Ask yourself right now if your employees buy into the company vision. Do they even know what it is? If they don’t, how do they know what they’re contributing to? You need to over-communicate this to your employees, so they feel inspired to contribute to the success of the organisation.

Other Methods for Retaining Employees

You should never take your employees for granted. Your business can’t succeed without them, and you need them just as much as they need you. If you care about retaining your employees, then you need to care and respect them. Over-deliver to them, and they will provide you the results that you and your business need.

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