5 Alternatives to Meetings You Should Try

alternatives to meetings

Do you feel like your work life is one meeting after another?

Sure, sometimes it’s important to meet. But there are many occasions where getting together in a meeting room or on a Zoom call is a waste of everyone’s time. All anyone uses the time for is catching up on their emails or chatting through messaging services to their direct reports.

But are there alternatives to meetings? Can you accomplish the same objective without congregating a group of people together? Fortunately, you can. Here some other ways you achieve your goals without blocking up your calendar.

1. Video Presentation

If you’re planning on booking a meeting where you’re showing off something or attempting to get buy-in from stakeholders, instead of getting everyone together, why not create a video presentation? You don’t necessarily need to appear in the video. You could display the Powerpoint and talk over the top of it.

This allows stakeholders to view the video in their own time, digest the information that’s been provided, and carefully provide feedback or concerns instead of having to come up with it on the spot. They can also review it multiple times in case they miss something.

2. Instant Messaging

Do you have a few things you need to check in on with one of your direct reports? Instead of booking a quick chat, why not use instant messaging as an alternative to a meeting? You can use platforms like Lync, Slack, Discord, or other inter-office software to communicate with your people.

The benefit of using this method is that there is often a conversation trail. That means if you forget it later, you can look up the transcript when you need the information. It saves you from having to rely on your memory like in a normal meeting.

3. Status Updates

Most one on ones tend to focus on updates around the team. It could be questions around how this person is doing and what you’re doing about this individual’s performance. But this information could be better suited to status update documents.

Have your direct reports provide you with a few dot points on what happened in the previous week and what the plan is for the following one. Then you can either cancel weekly one on ones or utilise them to focus on leadership development instead.

4. Project Management Applications

Status updates are just one way to collect information on how teams are travelling. Another option is using a project management application to collect these details. This way, it’s all kept in one place, and everyone can view the comments and updates from their teammates.

Trello and Asana are two great pieces of online software that allows users to comment, update, and change statuses of different tasks. You can get a total view of what is happening and delve deeper if you need to by leaving notes.

5. Casual Chat

Never underestimate the benefit of a casual chat. If you’ve got some spare minutes in the day, take your direct report for a coffee or take a seat at their desk and find out what you need to know. This can be much more productive than finding a time when both of you are free.

You’re not limited to how many times you can pop over either. As long as you’re not interfering with your direct report’s productivity, then stop by any time you need to know some information. It will always be a much more efficient use of your time.

Always Look for Alternatives to Meetings

Meetings can have detrimental effects on your productivity. While you might reach your 10,000 step goal, it’s not a great use of your time. There are many alternatives to meetings that can achieve the same outcomes and save you and everyone else in your team a lot of time.

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