The Most Common Office Tasks Wasting Your Time

office tasks

Do you constantly feel like you can’t get anything done?

You’ve got all of these plans in your head and goals that you want to achieve, but just no time to be able to achieve them. There’s always something stopping you. It could be you’ve got too many meetings, or there’s just not enough hours in the day.

However, this is all just an excuse. If you did an audit of your hours in a day, you’d find that you actually waste a lot of your time on office tasks that aren’t necessary. Maybe because someone else is duplicating it, or you’ve created busy work to avoid tackling items that actually make a difference.

So what are you wasting your time on? Here are some of the most common office tasks that you should ditch immediately.

Reports and Dashboards

Unless it’s your job to create reports or there is no one else employed at the company to build dashboards, then you shouldn’t be wasting your time on them. Often these get created because they don’t like the format, colour scheme, or the way the numbers are displayed. But all it ends up doing is consuming your time.

The only exception to the rule is if it’s automated or provides you with a purpose to achieve your goals. However, if it’s taking up half of the hours in your day, then you’re better off ditching the report and using this time to execute your strategy.


It doesn’t matter if it’s workshops, strategy sessions, or a daily stand-up. If it doesn’t help progress the business forward, then decline it. If this isn’t an option, ask for an agenda before you attend. The owner of the meeting should justify why they’re taking time out of your day and how it’s going to help you.

There are plenty of other alternatives to meetings. If you don’t want to waste your time, suggest another way to achieve the outcome than spending time inside a room or on a Zoom call.


Do you ever feel like you complete one email and another five appear in your inbox? It’s easy to lose hours by reading and replying to every message. But is it really a good use of your time?

You’re better off skimming through your inbox and prioritising what’s important and what’s not. Then block out some time in your day to complete this office task. Stick to your allotted time so that it doesn’t consume precious hours.

Data Entry

Every job has a series of monotonous office tasks that require some level of data entry. Records need to get kept, and they need to be updated. If you’re really on top of it, it doesn’t take much out of your day. But if you leave it for a while, you need to clear a day to get it done.

First, you need to ask yourself if this data entry is the most efficient way of keeping this record. If there is no other way, then you need to come up with a strategy so that it takes up the least amount of hours in your day. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and come up with a better solution.

How to Ditch Office Tasks and Achieve Your Goals

If you let it, you can spend every single day behind your desk completing office tasks. You’ll never get anything done, and it’s highly likely you’ll end up hating your job. After all, what’s the satisfaction in being a leader who is constantly behind a desk. The challenge is to find a better way to handle office tasks so that they don’t hold you back, even if it means saying no or giving them up.

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