The Common Sales Strategy Mistakes You’re Making

sales strategy mistakes

Are scratching your head wondering why your sales strategy isn’t working?

You can probably point to dozens of different reasons why you’re not delivering the numbers that are expected of you. But at the end of the day, these excuses will only last for so long. You’re the one responsible for providing the sales volumes that the company requires, so you need a strategy that’s going to work.

However, there are common sales strategy mistakes that all leaders make. Want to know what ones you need to avoid? Here are the steps you need to make sure you keep out of all of your plans.

Too Much Focus on Prospect Volume

Unless you’re in the marketing team, you have absolutely zero control of how many prospects are going to be coming your way. These numbers need to be provided to you by the people that are responsible for generating potential customers and presenting them to you and your sales team.

The only mention of prospect volume in your sales strategy is how many of them you will convert. You’re also best to forecast against a number that’s lower than what marketing is predicting. This way, if the required prospect volume does actually come your way or even exceeds marketing’s expectation, then you’re going to be out in front.

Expecting the Same Result

Just because you did record-breaking numbers last month or the previous year doesn’t necessarily mean that history will repeat itself. The marketing team can run the exact same advertising featuring identical offers, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to generate the same results. In fact, many times, the results are a lot softer.

You’re better off using an average of the past five years as well as the previous three months. This will give you a more realistic expectation of what your team is capable of. By all means, set a stretch goal for yourself, but don’t make it unrealistic, or this will heavily impact morale.

Constant Growth

No month in the year is ever the same. If you’re a business that only opens on weekends, then the amount of opportunities is going to be different month to month. Yet, some people set targets expecting a consistent level of growth, which is unrealistic.

A true forecast will include ebbs and flows. There will be months you will over-exceed your growth, and other times you might go backward to go forwards. Don’t just look at the previous month or year’s result and add a percentage to it. Dive deeper and take a closer look at what you and your team are capable of delivering.

The Wrong Metrics

One of the biggest sale strategy mistakes leaders make is focusing on the wrong metrics that they have no control over. Just like the number of prospects to interact with, there are other metrics that you don’t have control over and are not worth implementing in your plan.

Conversion is the one metric you should focus on as well as your follow-up rate. You should also spend some time analysing how many people you’re interacting with that don’t end in a quote or a sale. These are just some of the metrics that are the most important. If there are others that you’re concentrating on, then ask yourself if you have any control over them before you implement them into your strategy.

How to Avoid Sales Strategy Mistakes

We all make mistakes. But it’s important to make sure you learn from them before they start impacting staff morale. Otherwise, you’ve got a bigger problem on your hands than sales strategy mistakes. The key is focusing on what you have direct control over and the areas you’re able to influence specifically. If you concentrate on this, you’ll quickly see the success you need.

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