How to Handle a Monday Morning

monday morning

Do you hate every Monday morning?

Is there anyone on the planet that enjoys waking up on a Monday and facing the week ahead? Often the first thing that comes to mind is how much work you’ve got on your plate. You’re probably also stressing about how you’re going to get it all done by the time 5 pm on Friday rolls around.

A lot of people like to get caffeinated on a Monday morning. Is there a better way to face the day though? If you’re struggling to get control of the start of your week, why not try some of these tips?

Don’t Book Any Meetings

The killer of all productivity is meetings. While some organisations have implemented no meetings on a Friday to help ease people into the weekends, it might be better to switch this to your busiest day of the week. How good would you feel walking into work on a Monday morning without having to worry about attending one meeting? It can help you get the headstart on the week that you need.

Determine What’s Important This Week

With no meetings on your plate, you can use the time in your day to work out what’s the priority for the week. You can choose to make a list and rank your tasks based on urgency or just put all your energy into getting something done. It’s also a good idea to have some additional stretch goals for the week, so if the one thing you need to get done takes less time than you anticipated, you’re not wasting time figuring out what’s next.

Get a Monday Morning Workout In

There’s no need to run a marathon on a Monday morning. However, it’s a good idea to get the blood pumping and start the week healthy. Go for a stroll to get a coffee, take a jog around the block, or stretch out with some yoga in the park. No matter which way you choose to get your pump on, make sure it happens at the start of the week.

Socialise With Your Team Members

If you know the rest of your week will be flat out, use the time on a Monday morning to interact with your team members. Find out how their weekend was, ask what’s on their plate, and see if there’s anything they need from you. The earlier you find out, the better it will be for the rest of the week.

Get Some Self Development in on a Monday Morning

Don’t just get a physical workout in on a Monday morning. Break a mental sweat as well. Put aside an hour to watch a video or complete part of a course. This will help get your brain thinking and rejuvenated for anything that comes your way. Pair this activity with a nice cup of coffee so you can absorb as much information as you can. Then try to implement it into your week.

How Should You Tackle the Week?

If you’re not a Monday morning person, then there are plenty of activities you can try to help ease you into the week. From getting a workout to socialising with your team members, you don’t need to hate Mondays any longer. Just don’t forget to cancel those meetings, so you’ve got the day to prepare for anything that comes your way during the week.

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