How to Get (and Stay) Organised

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Wish you were more organised?

How many times do you tell yourself that you would do a better job if you could be more organised? Maybe it feels like your to-do list grows daily, and nothing you do seems to reduce it. If only you could be more organised, right?

So, where do you start? Better yet, how do you even start? Sadly, you can’t just close your eyes and point to one problem that’s stopping you from getting organised. You need to implement several methods and create new habits if you want to get organised. Here are some good techniques to get you going.

Say No More Instead of Yes

Sometimes the reason you’re unorganised is that you’ve got too much on your plate. Whether it’s meetings, collecting data, or following up with team members, you’ve put your name against too many tasks. However, your success as a leader isn’t based on how busy you are.

You need to stop putting your hand up for tasks and declining more meetings. It’s worth being picky about what you attend and what you don’t. A good idea is to encourage meeting organisers to send you an agenda, so you know if it is worth your time. If they don’t, decline it.

Time Block Your Day

Blocking out your calendar so you can complete tasks is a great way to get organised. Ultimately, you want your week to be completely blocked out. You should already have meetings scheduled, now fill the rest of it with your own blocks and title them with the tasks that you want to complete.

If someone wants to book time with you, advise them to schedule it for next week. However, if it’s urgent, then slot the person in when it’s convenient for you rather than the organiser trying to find a time that best suits them.

Do More With Less

The amount of tasks on your plate isn’t what makes you a great leader. It’s how you deliver them. The best way you can achieve this is by reducing your workload. You should have fewer items to complete so you can put more time and energy into them instead of spreading yourself too thin.

But what about the other tasks? Either they need to come later, or they’re not a priority at this time. Another alternative is to delegate to other team members while you put your time and energy into your work.

Dedicate Time to Training Up Others

An important aspect of getting organised is planning for the future. Do you want to be in this state of chasing after yourself constantly? The answer to that question should be no.

As part of your team member’s development, you should begin training them up in some of the tasks you currently complete. Not only will this help free up your workload, but it also means if you take some time off that nothing will fall over while you’re away. The more you can hand off, the more organised you’ll end up being.

Plan for the Unexpected

The sooner you accept that not everything will go to plan, the more organised you’ll end up being. Situations are going to come up as they do every day. So plan for the worst so that you get the best outcome.

Set some stretch goals in the instance that the day plays out smoothly and you finish your tasks early. You might laugh at this suggestion, but it’s better than over planning and heading home disappointed that you didn’t get to everything.

What to do With Your Time

The most important attribute to getting organised is not time. It’s patience. Getting organised takes time to get used to. You’re going to have days where your plans don’t work and other times where it seems like it’s too easy. However, the sooner you begin to implement new behaviours and utilise the people around you, the quicker you’ll get organised.

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