Why You Need to Do an Audit of Your Daily Tasks

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Do you find yourself bogged down in admin?

Every day it seems like you’ve got another report to do. Maybe you’ve got to put together a Powerpoint pack with the exact same information that’s in the first report. Then you’ve got to send a detailed account to your manager with everything in the Powerpoint pack and the report.

If this sounds familiar, it might be time to do an audit of your daily tasks. There are only so many hours in the day, and the more repetitive tasks you do, the less important work you’re actually getting done. Need more reasons? Here’s why you should start this audit today.

You’re Too Focussed on the Past

It’s highly likely that the majority of your daily tasks would be focused on performance from the past. For example, it might be how many sales were made, how many customers you serviced, or the number of people your team interacted with.

While these numbers are important, the time to gather this data can be time-consuming. It also stops you from planning for the future. The last thing you want to be doing is spending all your time looking at numbers from the past.

You Might be Duplicating Work

If you’re running reports and building packs, there could be a chance you’re doing a task that’s on someone else’s list. It might even be another person’s specialty and something they get joy from doing. So why are you doing it?

When conducting an audit of your daily tasks, check with stakeholders and other team members to see if they are doing any of the chores you are. If it fits their job description better, then take it off your plate.

You’re Neglecting Your Team

As a leader, your primary focus should be on your people. The reason you were employed was not for your Powerpoint skills or how well you display reports. It was because of how well you lead teams.

When you’re distracted by daily tasks, it means you’re spending less time with your people. Try flipping the script. Prioritise your people first and your tasks second. No one will get upset with you for giving your team the attention they need.

Your Daily Tasks are Impeding Your Development

When you’re too focused on the past and haven’t got time to spend with your team, it means you’re unlikely dedicating any time to your own development. How can you be expected to become a better boss if you don’t put aside hours to upskill yourself?

By auditing your daily tasks, it means you can get more time back to focus on yourself. You can look for ways to improve yourself that don’t involve fonts, graphics, and data.

What You Should be Focussing On

There’s no doubt some daily tasks you’ll still need to hold on to. However, you should try to drop as many as you can so you can turn your focus back to your people and your own development.

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