10 Coaching Skills Every Leader Should Perfect

How would you rate your coaching skills?

According to Forbes, more and more companies are starting to see the benefits of hiring a coach and incorporating coaching skills into the leadership style. Some of them are beginning to realise that there’s a difference between giving an order and telling them what to do versus working with them on professional development.

Regardless of the leadership role you’re in, you should hold some coaching skills. These are just some of the ones that are worth perfecting.

1. Showing Empathy

Empathy is all about connecting with other people without judgment or personal agenda. By developing this skill, when leaders need to make difficult or unpopular decisions, their teams will be supportive because they trust them.

2. Being Curious

An excellent quote is that curiosity is the difference between knowing and discovering. Staying curious means you never stop learning new ideas and principles. We are born naturally curious, so why stop wanting to learn?

3. Recognising Strengths

Great leaders help their people discover what they’re good at and make them better. Most leaders will focus on weaknesses and try to fix them. The best leaders embrace and capitalise on the individual strengths of each of their team members to ensure that they achieve success.

4. Creating Partnerships

Great leaders are not directors. They’re partners. They create an environment where individuals are heard, their experience is valued, and the team embraces difficult decisions by the leader. They know the leader has their back and wants them to be successful.

5. Using Open Questions

Asking open questions creates dialogue instead of trying to solve the problem themselves. It helps in the learning process and provides your team members with the satisfaction of being involved in the decision-making process.

6. Practicing Involved Detachment

Feedback can set off our defences. It can deny us the opportunity to develop as a leader and impact the trust of our team members. It’s still important to be engaged emotionally, but it’s also essential to be non-judgmental and objective. Mastering this can be a powerful coaching skill.

7. Crafting Strategic Vision

True leaders set visions for team members to reach for and achieve more exceptional outcomes for themselves and the organisation. Inspiring transformative steps in their interactions will assist your people along the change cycle with little disturbance. 

8. Developing Your Process

Developing a process for any task or service makes it measurable. From here, you can continually refine it to make it more efficient and relevant. The right people with the right product and the proper process will be the ones that help build the business.

9. Ownership of Results

It’s critical to take ownership of your results. If your team member does well, then remember to celebrate it. Alternatively, if they don’t, then look into what you can do better, more effectively, or differently. Owning your results is how you can continue to improve and grow.

10. Giving and Receiving Subtle Communication

Listening is only half the battle. How you listen, what you say, how you say it, and when you say it impacts how your message will be received and if it hit delivers the expected results. Leaders who can pick up on text and subtext and who respond with inclusive language, pace, and tone will get the results they desire.

How You Can Develop Your Coaching Skills

How do your coaching skills measure up, and what do you need to do to develop them further? It’s not a journey that will ever end. There is always more to learn. However, it’s a skill you should continue throughout your career as a leader.

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