3 Easy Steps To Nail Delegating Tasks

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Are you someone who doesn’t like delegating tasks?

You’re not the only one. Not a lot of people like to delegate. After all, it’s why there are sayings like “if you want something done right, then do it yourself.”

But if you’re a leader, delegating tasks is an important skill for you to learn. It helps you develop your next leaders. It also assists your team members in preparing for their future. Perhaps most importantly, it frees up your mental capacity.

So how do you give up some of your workloads without getting rid of them entirely while also ensuring it will get completed adequately. There’s no need to keep yourself up all night stressing about it. Here are three easy steps to help you with delegating tasks.

1. Be Clear on the Requirements

The first thing you need to be good at is being clear on what you want to be achieved. It’s important not to dictate the steps you want someone to take. Talk more about what the end result should look like. Trust in your delegate that they can achieve this result or fail and learn from the experience.

2. Consider Their Skills

You need to remember that it’s likely that you’re delegating to someone who is not an expert in the task you’re handing them. In fact, it might be the first time they’ve ever attempted something like this. You may need to overcommunicate to begin with and hold their hand until they get the hang of it. It’s important not to show frustration during this stage.

However, if you are dealing with someone who has completed something like this before, then you can provide fewer instructions. It’s vital that you show respect to the person you’re delegating to both in the person and their skillset.

3. Supervise Appropriately

Finally, be clear on how frequently you want to be kept in the loop. You also want to make sure you offer the right level of support so you can feel confident the work is progressing and you’re stopping any problems that may arise.

Try not to linger over the shoulder of your delegate. You want to make yourself available whenever they need your assistance, but you also need to be able to provide them with enough space to be able to achieve the results on their own.

What to do After Delegating Tasks

Delegating tasks can be a liberating experience. While it’s unlikely to give you hours back in the day, it can help you focus your energy on more important projects. It can also allow you to spend time on your own development. You might even find you get some items delegated to you by your boss.

If you need something to do after delegating tasks, then why not follow the Better Boss Blog. You’ll find tips, tricks, and advice on how you can improve your leadership capability. Follow pwf services on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, so you never miss a post.

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