5 Essential Questions to Ask Your Sales Employees

Do you lead a team of sales employees?

You’ve probably noticed over time that their motivation can fluctuate. Sometimes they are on the highest of highs, and then suddenly, they take a dip. This is your moment to intervene and find out how you’re going to get them back on top.

But how do you broach this subject with your sales employees? What questions do you ask? Don’t try to wing your way through a conversation. Try these ones on for size.

1. Are You Aware of Your Potential Earnings?

While incentives aren’t everything, they can be a good motivator for the sales employees that are driven by how large their paycheque is. Give them an idea of what their potential earnings could be and how they can reach it. It’s even a good idea to use a spending goal such as a holiday or object as something to aim for.

2. Are You Passionate About Sales?

Sales is a tough gig. You have to be able to handle rejection, remain optimistic in the face of adversity, and possess the ability to greet every sales interaction with a smile. After month after month of exceeding targets, it’s not uncommon for sales employees to lose motivation. It’s worth checking in to see if they believe their passion will return or if it’s time to move onto bigger and better things.

3. Do You Have a Strong Work Ethic?

Some of your people may not have the work ethic to handle the daily grind of sales. They may have a strong work ethic, but they’re just unsure how to apply it to a sales environment. You need to make a call whether you’ve got what it takes to get them to where they need to be or encourage them to apply their skills in a different position.

4. Do You Find Sales Fun?

Whether you are selling products one-on-one, demonstrating items at parties, or creating great websites to promote goods or services, you must find selling enjoyable. Some days will be a grind, but your overall experience with sales must be fun, or your career in it will be a short one. As a leader, it is crucial to find this out and discover ways to make the role fun or give the sales employee permission to cut their losses and move on.

5. Are You Self-Motivated?

Most people will think of themselves as self-motivated. However, you need to determine if your employees are “actors or “reactors.” To help sales employees become self-motivated, you can teach them the fundamentals. However, ultimately it’s up to them to want to become better and continuously improve. Their performance doesn’t wholly and solely end with you.

How to Get the Best Out of Your Sales Employees

It can be difficult at times to manage sales employees. Not only does their motivation change over time, but so does yours. But you need to lead by example and continue to push them to achieve the business goals expected of you. It’s very rarely easy, but that’s sometimes the fun in leading people.

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