No One Listening To You? How To Earn Respect From Your Team

Teamwork starts with trust and ends when no one listens.

Great teams work well when everyone has clear responsibilities, understands what the goal is, and each individual knows what they need to do to get there.

Bad ones are the complete opposite. There is a lot of interpretation of what the goal is, and there isn’t any trust with team members that they were capable of fulfilling their part of the plan.

So if you’re leading a team or a project, how do you get the people back on track if they stop taking direction from you? How do you earn respect from your team? Here are some ideas.

Analyse Your Behaviour and Gather Feedback

There are some key questions to think about when you’re analysing yourself as a leader. You can think about where you lost your people and what you need to do to earn respect from them. Some examples include:

  • How have you been treating the team?
  • Have you been clear in your direction?
  • Have you acknowledged the wins?
  • Think about how your behaviour is impacting the team. Are you present?

Admit to Your Mistakes

One of the worst things you can do as a leader is not to admit when you’ve made a mistake. When you get something wrong, don’t blame others or the situation. All it shows is that you’re not willing to take any responsibility, and you’re not accountable for anything.

Admitting that you’re human will go a long way with your team, and you’ll earn respect for not passing the blame on to someone else.

Talk to Your Team

Seems obvious, right? But when a problem happens, jump on it. Pull your team into a room, and talk it out with them. Don’t talk at them. Talk with them.

Speak about how we’re going to solve the problem together. If your team feels like they’re part of the solution, they are more likely to buy in and work with you to solve it.

Do What You Say You’ll Do

Sounds simple. But if you say you’re going to do something, then you need to ensure you do it.

This will earn respect from your team, and they will return the favour by listening and doing what you ask. Some will even go above and beyond their role to help you out.

What Else Can You Do to Earn Respect?

It’s important you self-analyse your leadership skills. There’s always more to learn, and you should never feel content in your role. You need to prepare yourself for new challenges and upcoming opportunities. But you can’t do any of those things unless you can earn respect from your team, so they have your back.

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