How To Motivate Your Team To Reach Your Next Goal

motivate team

Congratulations! You achieved all your goals last month. You were able to motivate your team to hit all of their targets out of the park.

In fact, they were the best performing team in the company – a massive achievement. So now what?

How do you drum up the energy to do it all over again? How do you motivate your team to achieve goals and targets that are likely higher than last month?

When you’re not achieving your targets or reaching your goals, it can be a little easier to get motivated. You know what needs to be done, or there is something black and white that you have to work on.

But it can be harder when you’ve put a lot of energy into smashing the results in one month and then starting all over again 30 days later.

Here are a few tricks you can use in order to keep your people motivated.

The Streak

Once you’ve achieved your targets or goals in one month, why not motivate the team to see how long you can keep the streak running? How many months in a row can you remain perfect? Why not set a goal of 12 months? It helps you plan long-term and forces you to not only look at the month ahead but three and six months down the track to get a better understanding of what you need to achieve this goal.

Larger Targets

Rather than count down month by month, motivate your team by letting the team know how many sales you needed for the remainder of the year. You can still keep track of where you need to be each month. However, you should focus on the larger task at hand. Your upper management won’t care that you hit one month target if you end up missing the other eleven.

Going For Green

Some teams just want to know they’re doing a good job and are on track for success. Visual charts, scoreboards, or graphs can help keep your team focussed on the task at hand. While you might not be a visual person, remember that you might have peers or people in your team that are. Watching a funnel slowly fill up or a bar graph grow can be very satisfying and motivating for your team.

The Best In The World

If you weren’t the best performing team in the company, why not make that your goal? Use your metrics and targets as the definition of what “the best” looks like. Then compare these results against similar departments in the company. If your team is significantly larger or smaller, then you have the option of adapting the numbers to match. However, sometimes it can be even more motivating for the little team to dominate the bigger one.

How Will You Motivate Your Team?

You need to know how to motivate your team if you’re going to want to maintain your standing as a high performing group. There’s no one size fits all solution. Different people have different motivations. While it’s not a good idea to have too many big activities operating at once, you need to figure out something that the majority of people can buy into.

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