5 Easy Wellbeing Activities That Actually Work

wellbeing activities

As a leader, you’re not only responsible for the performance of your team but also their wellbeing when they’re in your care.

It’s essential to incorporate wellbeing activities into your development plan for your people. If you can keep your employee’s headspace in a good place through wellbeing activities like these, then not only will they feel happier about coming to work, you should see an increase in their performance.

But what type of wellbeing activities work? Where should you start? If you’re not sure how to lift the spirits of your team, why not try one of these ideas.

1. Walking One On One

Not every one on one needs to be in a meeting room. Some of the best one on ones can occur outside. The fresh air. The sunshine. The breeze blowing through your hair.

Even if you’re not in the same location, both of you should go on a walking one on one with the backdrop of mother nature. Just be wary of your surroundings and make sure that you’re not discussing sensitive information in a crowded place.

2. Group Wellbeing Challenge

Why not try a wellbeing challenge that involves the entire organisation? There are plenty of businesses that run activities such as Steptember and blood drives. It’s an opportunity to give something back to your community as a team.

You don’t necessarily need to sign up for one of these groups. You can take the initial concept and put your own spin on it. However, it could be good to put some purpose behind it so more people can get invested in it.

3. Walking Groups

Lunchtime walking groups are another excellent wellbeing activity. This may seem difficult for businesses with scheduled lunches. But if you do it at the same time every day, then you should get a different crowd coming with you.

There doesn’t need to be a work discussion or anything official. It could be just a group of friends going for a stroll and enjoying some time outside of the office.

4. After-Work Activities

Activities outside of work are always a great way to end the week or when you’ve accomplished a goal. It could be a night out for dinner, a trip to the movies, or it could be just a few beverages.

Whatever it may be, it can help you get to know your team on a different level. Just make sure it’s something that everyone can participate in.

5. Movie/Book Clubs

Depending on what your team is into, a movie or book club could be a fun activity for your team to engage in. Pick a movie or book for the team to watch at some point during the month. Then at the end of the month, get together to discuss.

You’re best to choose something on Netflix or on a platform that everyone has access to so everyone can participate. It could also be something work-appropriate where there is a lesson for everyone, such as working as a team or leading certain types of individuals.

Why Wellbeing Activities are Important

You want a workplace that your employees are going to want to come to. A strong culture means you’re going to get the best out of your people, and they will go above and beyond their role in return. Having enjoyable wellbeing activities goes a long way to improving your culture and to benefit the mental health of your people.

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