Delegating: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do


Are you reviewing your workload and realising you can’t do it all?

Delegating is a necessary skill that every leader needs to learn. It helps build the next generation of leaders within your organisation. It can empower your people and give them the necessary experience to become a leader like yourself if done right.

But if done wrong, it can damage your reputation as a leader. Delegating also incorporates trust, and you need to be able to let the people complete the task on their own. Otherwise, you might as well do it yourself.

So how do you get it right? Before you start delegating, make sure to follow these simple tips.

What You Should Do When Delegating

You should choose wisely the tasks you want to delegate. Don’t just choose something you don’t want to do. Offer something that benefits both you and the person you’re assigning it to. Here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • Keep your team in the loop on what the priorities are so they can stay on track
  • Be clear on your expectations and how much time should be dedicated to tasks
  • Ensure you provide your team with the appropriate level of support
  • Be patient
  • Be clear about their level of authority on the task
  • Give them permission to fail

What You Shouldn’t Do

Remember, when you’re delegating something, it means you’re not going to complete the task yourself. You have to be a hands-off manager and allow the individual to finish it. So make sure to sit on your hands and don’t make any of these mistakes.

  • Expect your people to read your mind
  • Underestimate the time to complete tasks – remember that everyone works at different speeds
  • Micromanage
  • Delegate tasks that require your unique ability and perspective
  • Underestimate the capabilities of your team

How Delegating Helps You

If you can get used to delegating tasks, you should find you’re becoming a more effective leader. You’ll be able to lean on your direct reports a little more to help you out, and they will be developing the necessary skills they’ll need to move into a leadership position of their own.

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