Simple Time Management Tips That Actually Work

confused businessman checking time on wristwatch

Do you think time management is a myth?

Sure, no one can predict what chaos the day will bring, so why try to manage your time? Well, so you can actually implement a strategy or use your spare time wisely to upskill your team.

When executed correctly, these simple time management tips will help give your day more structure. You might even tick off some of those items on your to-do list that have been sitting there for a while.

Time Block Your Day

A to-do list is not enough. Block out time in your calendar to complete tasks, even if it’s to chip away at a job. For example, if you’ve got a presentation to put together, schedule a meeting with yourself for an hour to do some slides. Then book a follow-up meeting in the future if you need more time to finish it.

Schedule Extra Time Just in Case

Unless it’s something that you’ve done over and over again to the point that it’s second nature, make sure you give yourself some extra time to complete an item you’ve never attempted before. You’re always best to get less done in the day and do it well rather than spread yourself thin and do a mediocre job.

Don’t Try to Multitask

It sounds like common sense, but don’t try to do everything at once. Tackle one task at a time. Switching between multiple jobs requires different approaches and thinking. So to get the best results, stick to one item at a time.

Break Down Tasks

Breaking down a job into smaller tasks can help you prioritise what needs to be done first in order to complete something as quickly as possible. For example, if you’re working on a presentation for executives, start by sketching out an idea. Next, work on your formatting and so on. Producing smaller tasks will help you gain momentum, and you’ll quickly find that the task won’t take you as long as you thought.

Schedule Your Meetings on the Same Day

A day full of meetings can be draining. However, if you can organise them to be on the same day and in succession, then it’s likely you’ll have other days that are completely free. You can then use this time to focus on your work and to-do list.

Block Out Distractions

Don’t be afraid to go offline if you need time away to get what you need to be done. The business won’t collapse because you logged off for an hour to get some work done. Just give your manager a heads-up, so they don’t think you’ve taken a three-hour lunch.

What to do With Your Time

Even if you employ one of these time-management tactics, you should notice you have more hours in the week to get on top of your work and even get ahead. You’ll feel in control, and you might even begin to think months ahead instead of worrying about stressing about what needs to be done now.

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