4 Questions To Ask Any Under-Performing Employee

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Do you have an under-performing employee in your team that isn’t cutting it?

In an ideal world, everyone in your team would be a high performer. But every now and then, there’s someone who’s not going to cut it and needs more of your attention if they’re going to achieve the goals that you set for them.

In your next one on one with an under-performing employee, ask these questions to give you the confidence you need to know that the job will get done.

1. Do You Understand Why It’s Important To Get This Right?

Context is king. Understanding the why can mean a lot to an employee and help them understand why they’re doing a task. We all want to feel like we’re contributing to the purpose of the organisation. So if your under-performing employee doesn’t know why they’re doing the job you told them to do, fill them in on why it’s important.

2. Do You Understand What Needs To Be Done And By When?

The clearer you are on the expectations and when it needs to be completed by, the more likely the task or goal you set out will be achieved successfully. It can also give you an understanding that perhaps clarity of instructions is a reason your employee is underperforming.

3. Are You Fully Equipped To Perform The Task Successfully?

This allows you to see if there’s a skill shortage or if coaching is required to complete the task successfully. It’s an opportunity to put in place a development plan with regular check-ins until the milestone is reached.

4. What Barriers Are Preventing You From Performing The Task Successfully?

This question helps eliminate any potential excuses that can come up if something isn’t completed. It also allows you to clear any potential roadblocks that may get in the way of completing the task.

How to Develop an Under-Performing Employee

While developing an under-performing employee can take a lot of time and effort, it can be rewarding not just for you but also for your staff member. It also helps you become a stronger leader as you’ll be able to turn anyone into a high performer.

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