8 Performance Review Questions for Your Boss

performance review questions

The new financial year is almost one quarter down, and for some employees, it means their first check-in on how they’re performing.

The first quarter can always be a tough one. You might be getting yourself set up with the new strategy or direction for the year so that the next nine months bring the goods.

Regardless, when it comes time to meet with your boss to see how you’re travelling, there are some performance review questions you should have ready so that it’s not a one-way conversation.

1. What Accomplishment Are You Most Proud Of?

Not only does this start the conversation on a positive note, but it also helps get an understanding of what your boss considers important to them to be proud of it.

2. What Are Your Goals For the Next Quarter?

This gives you a glimpse of the future on what is also important for you. What do you and your team need to be working on in order to help your boss achieve success?

3. What Have I Done to Help You do Your Job Better?

This can help establish what is working well for your manager. Take this as a compliment and an opportunity to double down on how you can become even better in this area.

4. What Have I Done to Hinder Your Performance?

You need to take the good with the bad. What can you improve on as a leader? Where are your development opportunities? Take note of these and understand if this is something that you can do better yourself or if you need some outside help.

5. Do You Have Everything You Need to Perform Your Job?

This will help establish what you need to manage up to your boss. We often make assumptions about what our boss wants to know or should receive. Performance review questions like this will help establish what they want to be in the loop on.

6. Are There Any Concerns You Have Going Forward?

It’s good to know if there are any obstacles in your future that you should be aware of. Perhaps the company is predicting a difficult time ahead. What can you and your team do now to prepare for that difficult time to make it less detrimental?

7. What do You Want Your Next Position to be at This Company?

This question gauges an understanding of the goals for your boss. How they succeed in getting to the next level will be determined by their direct reports.

8. Where do You Want to Improve?

Understanding where your boss wants to improve can open up an opportunity for you to develop them. You might have the skill or trait they are looking for. How can you use this to help them?

How to Improve Your Performance

There are dozens of performance review questions that you can ask your boss, but these are the ones that are going to get you the answers that you need to improve yourself.

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