How to Become the Remote Leader That You Want to Be

remote leader

For many people, they’re still managing their teams remotely while they wait for the all-clear before returning to the office. While most of you have had several months to adjust to becoming a remote leader, there’s still plenty more to learn.

There’s also the possibility that many of your staff members will choose to remain at home or only visit the building occasionally. In this instance, you’ll need to adjust your style. Here’s how you can start to become a better remote boss no matter how your team members choose to work.

Over Communicate With Your Team and Your Remote Leader

In an office, you can receive a lot of visual and verbal queues from peers to let you know how you’re doing and to stay in the loop on what’s going on. However, when you’re alone in your home office, you don’t have any of that. In fact, it might be days before you get to have a good one on one chat with your boss or your team members.

So how do you fill the gaps in between? Depending on your mentality, it can be filled with positive thoughts of no news is good news. Or it could be stressing about what’s to come. The only answer is to over-communicate.

Over Appreciate Your Team

What was once considered the basics and the expected is now considered above and beyond. It’s harder for employees to have their full attention on the task at hand when they’re in their own homes with pets, families, and other distractions.

If one of your team members are doing a good job, acknowledge it. Even if it feels like they’re just doing their job.

Double Your Interactions

If you have a weekly or fortnightly one on one with your team members, then you might want to think about doubling it while you’re a remote leader. The more interactive with your team, the less they have to wonder what you’re thinking.

It may seem time-consuming, but it will do wonders for their wellbeing. Which means they’ll have their mind on the job.

Be More Lenient as a Remote Leader

Just as you are, your team is learning to become remote employees. Their learning curve will be different from yours. Because you’ve made the necessary adjustments, you can’t assume that they have.

Their home environment will be different from yours. They also have to think they’re doing the right thing or approaching a problem the correct way unless they’re in constant communication with other people.

Strive to do Better

Being a remote leader can sometimes be challenging, but so can a remote employee. Remember that you’re in it together and follow the steps above to continue to achieve the success you’re known for.

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