5 Tips To Help You Unplug From Work

unplug from work

We all need time away from work. It’s not sustainable to work non-stop without taking a break and making time to unplug from work.

For some, it’s easy to walk away and know that the business is going to be there tomorrow. For others, it can be harder to switch off and stop thinking about what tomorrow is going to bring.

If you’re struggling to turn off your brain, here are some potential ways you can clear your mind when you need to.

1. Declutter Your Home

If you have lots of physical clutter, then this can lead to mental clutter. Bills piling up on the kitchen bench, piles of clothes on the bedroom floor, and dead plants around the apartment that are never going to come back to life are all opportunities to declutter.

2. Unplug From Work With Mindfulness Techniques

It could be meditation, yoga, or even just a peaceful walk around a park. It can be hard to get started, but once you do, you’ll realise the benefits when you discover how relaxing it can be to unplug from work.

3. Get The Hard Stuff Done

Have you got a list of tasks you’ve been putting off? Maybe it’s time to start. The quicker you check off these items, the less you’ll have to think about it.

4. Self Reflection

How often do you stop to think about what you’ve learned and achieved? Taking a moment to reflect can make a difference in moving forward. You’ll know what to avoid, what to lean into, and how to solve problems quicker.

5. Make A List To Unplug From Work

Get the list of tasks out of your mind and write them down on paper or in electronic form. The less you have to think about the list in your head, the lighter the load in your mind.

What to Plug in To

It’s essential to unplug from work and reset when you’re not in the office. You should also make sure that you’re taking regular breaks, holidays, and time away from work. It might seem odd at first, but you’ll quickly realise it’s exactly what you need to perform at your best.

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