5 Leadership Lessons You Can Learn From Ted Lasso

It’s official. Ted Lasso has taken the world by storm.

While it’s still being debated how good season two is, it can’t be denied that people around the world are in love with the man with the moustache. But even if you’re still yet to press play on season two, episode one, you can still take away some leadership lessons from Ted.

You don’t need to lace up your boots or learn how to bake shortbread. Just take a closer look at these leadership lessons you might have missed on your first viewing of Ted Lasso.

1. The Power of Positivity

One characteristic that makes Ted Lasso so appealing is his ability to remain positive in any situation. Looking on the bright side of life is an understatement. Ted enjoys being positive and experiencing new things, and that begins to rub off on a lot of the cynical people around him.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to be positive. Yes, it’s changing a mindset, but once you start, it becomes a lot easier when you begin enjoying the things you are doing. You might underestimate how much influence you have on your team. If you’re negative about your work, then they will be unhappy. However, if you have more of a positive attitude, you might notice more smiles around you.

2. Teamwork is the Number One Priority

The team comes first to Ted Lasso. The entire season one revolves around him bringing people together. It’s not just the players. Ted recognises every member of the organisation and the role they play. No one is more important than anyone else, and everyone contributes to the goal of the club.

When you think about the word teamwork, who comes to mind first? Is it your team members? Maybe it’s your colleagues. Regardless, it should be every person who is employed at the organisation. Everyone contributes in their own way and should be acknowledged for the part they play. As a leader, you should do your part to bring the team together and recognise the achievements of others even if they don’t report to you.

3. It’s Not About Wins and Losses

One of the more controversial things Ted Lasso says is that it’s not about wins and losses. He believes that if the team are united and work together that the results will come. It’s a unique perspective for a sporting coach but not for a leader.

Wins and mistakes shouldn’t matter to you as a leader. While you might get a pat on the back for hitting your target, the only thing your bosses will focus on is the next month’s numbers. You should instead focus your energy on how you’re improving together as a team. How are you moving forward, and how are you trying to better your people? If this becomes your driver, then the results will come.

4. Personalised Development

There is no blanket approach to coaching with Ted Lasso. There might be specific drills and skill games he organises, but he also treats everyone as an individual with their own strengths and development areas. He knows the motivation of each of his players and uses this knowledge to improve them.

How well do you know your team? How about your boss? You might not need to make shortbreads for them, but you should understand what drives your people, colleagues, and superiors. This is how you coach and develop your direct reports, support those around you, and impress your boss.

5. Be Kind to Everyone

Coach Lasso is kind to everyone he meets. His smile is infectious, and he seems to have an old saying for every situation. It’s not an act. He tries to respect every single person he meets, even if they’re calling him a wanker.

Kindness shouldn’t be foreign to you. It doesn’t matter where someone sits in the hierarchy. You should treat them with respect. After all, this is how you earn respect as a leader.

What More Can You Learn from People Like Ted Lasso?

You might not learn how to make shortbread or play soccer from Ted Lasso. But you can learn how to be a good leader if you watch closely in between the funny moments.

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