5 Tips To Manage Your Emails

manage your emails

Email inboxes can be a team leader’s worst enemy.

They can take you away from what’s important. If you don’t manage your emails properly, then you can end up with an inbox of messages that you hang on to “just in case” you ever need it in the future.

But how many times do you really go back to your old emails? If managing your emails is taking up most of the day, here are some tips on how you can free up some time.

1. Manage Your Emails Once a Day

If you stop work every time an email comes in, you’ll never get anything done. Instead, pick a time of day to respond to your messages.

It might be the end of the day, it could be the first thing in the morning, or you could choose to respond while you’re eating some lunch. Whenever you decide is the best time, commit to it and then shut down the program.

2. If You Don’t Need to Respond, Delete it From Your Inbox

You need to be ruthless if you’re going to manage your emails. If you don’t need to respond to an email, then once you’ve read it, delete it.

This is essential when it comes to daily, weekly, and monthly dashboards. You don’t need to keep every single report you receive. You can access this information in other ways, and in a worst-case scenario, you can retrieve it from your deleted items.

3. Create a Template to Manage Your Emails

If you respond the same way to certain emails. Then create a template and use that as your standard response.

It’s perfect if you have to approve invoices or leave requests. The less you have to type, the more time you’ll have in the day.

4. Structure Your Emails By Categories

Create categories to manage your emails so that you know which ones to respond to first and what ones you can deprioritise. For example, you could set it based on hierarchy so that you respond to your boss’s emails first and others afterwards.

5. Unsubscribe to Manage Your Emails

If you’re part of a wider team, you’re likely included in a lot of group emails. But ask yourself, do you need to be?

If you don’t and it offers no value to your life, then ask to be removed from the list. Or, if you’re too polite, then send them straight to a folder that can be emptied automatically.

Manage Your Email to Free up Your Time

The more in control you are of your emails, the more you can get a handle on the rest of your job. The last thing you want to be doing is responding to email after email after email. Manage it properly so you can advance your career and your business.

If you get a break from your inbox, use it to follow the Better Boss Blog. It has tips on how to manage all of the essential tasks you have to look after. Follow pwf services on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn and don’t worry, we’ll never email you.

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