Quick, Cheap, And Easy Team Building Ideas

team building

Is everyone sick of team building over Zoom yet?

After being locked away at home, it’s probably time to do some team building face-to-face. Especially if you have some new employees. However, at the same time, a lot of businesses are in cost-cutting or cost-saving mode.

So if you need some cheap activities to entertain the troops, here’s what you’re best to do.

Team Building Through Daily Recognition

Don’t take camaraderie for granted. If someone in your team does a great job, then make sure everyone knows about it. Do it regularly, and your team members will end up wanting to be the one called out by you. You’ll even find your team is supportive of each other and will pat their co-worker on the back.

Team Challenges

What is the priority for the day or the month for the team? How can you make it more interesting? One way is to turn it into a game or challenge. Just make sure not to make it a competition. It should be something that needs everybody involved in order for the challenge to be completed.

Team Building Through Daily Support Checks

You should do a daily check-in with your team and see what they need to achieve their goals for the day. Are there any roadblocks that are stopping them? What support can you provide to give them the clearway they need to be successful?

Team Hangout

Dedicate a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly hangout where everyone can come along and let their hair down. Getting out of the office and getting together can bring closer together. This can also be done virtually. You can make it an AMA or just keep it casual. But it’s a great team-building activity.

Don’t Underestimate Team Building Initiatives

Team building should be as essential as one on ones, weekly reports, and any other initiative that you have in your organisation. If you can find a way to come together and work as a unit, you will exceed your performance expectations, and your team will be more engaged than ever before.

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