5 Bad Habits To Stop Immediately

bad habits

The longer you work as a manager, the more bad habits you start to develop.

Some of them are great and make you the leader that you are today. But others start as one-offs. Then they snowball into bad habits. You might not even know that you’re doing them regularly. You might not even be aware of the damage you’re doing.

But there are habits you need to stop. Here are just five of them.

1. Not Responding

Silence is not always golden. While you don’t need to respond immediately to every email or message that comes your way. You should make sure that you do respond. The longer that you don’t, the more of a narrative your employees will create in their heads. This can cause unnecessary stress and reduce staff engagement. It’s worse if you manage a remote team. So make sure you’re over-communicating rather than broadcasting radio silence.

2. Not Doing What You Say You’ll Do

The fastest way to lose credibility is by failing to do what you’ll say you’ll do. If you’re going to have a chat with a colleague, follow up on a task for someone, or get approval for some funding, then you need to make sure that you do it. The minute you forget about it or ignore it altogether, you’re going to have to repair bridges you burned. It’s one of the habits to stop immediately; otherwise, your days as a leader will be numbered.

3. Getting Involved In Workplace Dramas

One of the reasons people love TV workplace dramas is that it reminds them of the office spaces. But instead of being a cast member of your own workforce drama, walk away instead. The amount of energy required to get involved in them could be better spent elsewhere.

4. Using Email To Settle Problems

When a problem arises with an employee or a peer, the worst way to resolve it is via email. Tones can get misconstrued, and passive-aggressiveness is easy to type out. If you need to straighten something out or something feels off with an employee or colleague, then pick up the phone or walk up to the person and talk it out.

5. Refusing To Build Relationships

Relationships with stakeholders are important. Even if you dislike the person, it’s crucial to maintain a positive relationship at some point in time. You’re going to need to work with one another. A habit to stop is being difficult with these individuals, you won’t gain anything by being difficult, and someone higher will resolve it for you.

Not All of Them Are Bad Habits

While there are plenty of habits to stop that you may have formed when you became a leader, there are likely also plenty of good ones too. If you can break these bad habits and refocus your energy on your learning and development, then you can get back on the right path.

One habit you should start is checking in regularly to the Better Boss Blog. Learn about new tips and tricks to become a better leader. Follow pwf services on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, so you don’t start a new bad habit of missing a post.

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