How To Start The First 10 Minutes Of Your Workday

start your workday

You’ve walked into the office with your coffee, and you’re ready to start the workday.

What fun will today bring? How are you going to attack it? Where do you start?

Getting off to the right start is essential. It helps give your day some structure, even if interruptions occur. Here’s an alternative that could help instead.

Start With A Goal For The Workday

You should start with what you want to achieve for the day. This doesn’t mean finishing your coffee. This means how you are going to progress a little bit further than the day before. If you’ve got a sales target, how are you going to work towards it today? You might lead a customer service team, so perhaps you want to aim for a better experience than the day before. Maybe you want your customers to spread the word about your company. How do you make that happen?

Create A Plan Of Attack

Now you have your goal, how are you going to achieve it? What steps do you need to take to walk out of the office with your head held high? Try not to make too many steps. Ideally, it should only be two or three. Remember, you’re going to get interruptions, you need to attend meetings, and you have to eat lunch.

Prioritise Your Work

Take a look through your emails, your calendar, and the day ahead. Work out what needs to be done today and what can wait for another day. List it out. One trick is to make a post-it note for each task you want to achieve. Then scrunch each one up when you finish it. You’ll find it very satisfying when you complete a task.

Start Your Workday Right

Just like breakfast, it’s important to start your workday on the right foot. If you don’t, you’ll end up chasing after yourself all day, and you’ll never end up catching up. When you take control of your day, you’ll end up being more productive and achieving more of your goals.

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