7 Strategies You Need To Build Trust With Your Team

build trust

If you’re new to a team or a leadership position, then the first thing you need to do is build trust with your employees.

Getting on the right foot is essential. If you start the relationship poorly, then you’re going to have to make up a lot of ground to win your team over.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start. Here are some ways to establish trust with your direct reports.

1. Build Trust By Leading With Integrity

Your people want a leader they can look up to. They want to feel inspired. They want to know they can trust you. Your people also want to see that you’ve got their best interests in mind.

You’re going to have to demonstrate that you can be trusted. Follow up with people when you say you will and lead by doing the right thing. The trust will eventually come.

2. Encourage Vulnerability

Your people want to know that you’re human. This doesn’t mean that you need to cry your eyes out in front of them. But if you make a mistake, then own up to it. If you need help, ask for it.

You don’t have to have all the answers. But you have to seek them out and bring them back to your direct reports. Don’t claim the answers as your own. Let them know that you went and sought it out. They will respect you more for that.

3. Build Trust By Sharing Information

Uncertainty can cause stress for employees. They like to know what’s going on. Whether it’s good news or not, keep your people informed.

You never know. They may know how to help turn things around. Keeping them informed is only half the step. The other half is listening to what they have to say.

4. Empower Your People

Your staff wants to feel that you trust them to do their work. The last thing you should do is micromanage them. Let your people do what they were employed to do.

It can be hard when you’re the new manager. However, you have to trust these people were employed in their role for a reason. They will be willing to prove themselves to you just like you are to them.

5. Build Trust By Building Relationships

Having a connection with your employees can make a difference to your working relationship with them. If you build trust, then your people won’t want to let you down. In fact, they will work harder for you than they ever have.

Be lenient but firm. You’re not there to be their best friend. However, you don’t have to be a dictator either. If someone needs time off for a good reason, make it happen.

6. Recognise Good Work

Acknowledging someone’s efforts will build trust with your team. They will be happy that their hard work has caught your attention and is being recognised by the boss.

It’s also a good idea to book short meetings with people to provide them with positive feedback. This way, when you ask them for five minutes of their time, they won’t fear that it’s feedback or bad news.

7. Engage In Conflict Fairly

Conflict is a necessity but also needs to be addressed in the workplace. Act as a fair mediator rather than a disciplinarian that takes sides. Disagreements can help build stronger teams, but it requires your help for this to happen.

You can’t let people get with bad behaviour though. If you ignore problems for too long, it will end up affecting the culture.

Who Can You Trust?

Building trust is an essential skill that every team leader should learn. If you can get your team on board and working together, you will achieve great things. But if you can’t build trust with them, then you’re going to find it hard to get the performance out of them that you need.

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