How to Prepare Yourself for 2022

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With Christmas decorations going up in stores around the world, it can only mean one thing. That 2021 is finally coming to an end.

After another year of working from home and navigating restrictions as well as lockdowns, it’s time to look forward and prepare yourself for 2022. Fingers crossed, you’ve got time off over the festive season to relax and get yourself in the right headspace for the new year.

Besides booking some well-earned leave, how should you get ready for the new year? If you’re not sure where to start, try these tips before you log off before your break.

What Have You Learned This Year?

Take a moment to think about new skills and experiences you’ve developed over the past 12 months. You should also consider what you’ve learned about your job, your customers, and the market. This can help you formulate a plan for 2022.

You should also look at what’s changed and what is yet to return from restrictions and lockdowns. It might change customer behaviour. So you need to either have a plan for it or a contingency so you can pivot quickly.

What Do You Want to Learn?

After thinking about the skills you’ve learned over the past 12 months, consider what new abilities you want to discover or what ones you need to strengthen. Is there a gap in your skillset you need to address, or is there something you do well that you want to get better at?

Enrollments for courses generally start in January or February. So planning now is one less task you have to worry about by the time 2022 comes around. If you don’t want to enrol in an institution, then find some online classes that you can do at your own pace. Block some time in your calendar next year, so you’ve got allocated time to complete it.

Where Do You Want to Be in Six Months?

Hopefully, by the time December 31 rolls around, you will have achieved your goals for 2021. Before the year closes out, you should think about what you want to accomplish by July 1, 2022.

It might be related to your career, your wellness, or the business you’re in. However, you should have a vision or something you want to achieve in the next six months. By this point, you can review where you are and where you’d like to be in another six months.

What Do You Need to Do to Get There?

Once you’ve set your six-month goal, map out what you need to do to achieve it. You don’t need to have all the answers right now and prepare stakeholders, but you should have a plan.

Think about some milestones and measurements of success. You should have some contingencies ready and a plan to pivot if you need to. If you need to engage colleagues, have an initial chat with them and find out when they return in the new year to book a catchup to discuss your plan.

What Resources Can Help You Prepare Yourself for 2022?

Getting together resources now can help you get a headstart on the new year. You can prepare yourself for 2022 by gathering books, videos, and more so that you’re not wasting any time trying to achieve your goals.

One of the resources you can start with is the Better Boss Blog. You’ll find tips, tricks, and advice on how to have a successful 2022. Follow pwf services on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, so you never miss a post.

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