6 Variations of Company Culture

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Have you stopped to think about your company culture?

If you haven’t, you should. Your company culture can have significant impacts on your employee’s performance and the success of the organisation. It can also determine how many people decide to stick around to help your cause or quit their job the moment they get a chance.

There’s no one single type of company culture. You also can’t force it. However, if you can recognise it, then you can nurture it in order to produce successful outcomes. Here are each of the variations and what to look out for.

1. Empowered Culture

An empowered culture is something to strive for as an organisation. It means all of your staff are engaged, and they are proactive when it comes to identifying potential issues as well as market opportunities.

There is also a sense of accountability for actions and a level of ownership of their ideas. If you can nurture this type of culture, there’s no limit to where your employees can take the organisation. However, it requires empowering them and allowing mistakes to happen so lessons can be learned. The moment you start penalising staff for taking the initiative, you will lose this type of culture.

2. Performance Company Culture

Often a performance company culture is directly linked to sales and acquisitions. However, this is a mistake. This type of culture needs to extend to all areas of the business. It should also ensure that it contributes to the vision of the organisation instead of just how many units are moved.

A performance culture can bring lucrative benefits to the business. However, in order to nurture this, you need to pass on some of these rewards back to the employees. Failure to do so could see resentment begin to grow and the workforce starting to churn.

3. Innovative Culture

An innovative company culture is one that should be nurtured. It allows you to have a steady stream of new ideas and initiatives at the ready. It also provides plenty of developmental opportunities for employees to learn how to take a concept through to reality.

The key to nurturing this culture is developing a rigorous process to determine what ideas are worth pursuing and what ones need more work. As you establish this procedure, employees will become clearer on what is required when presenting initiatives.

4. Safety Company Culture

While this shouldn’t have to be a company culture, it is essential in industries that involve hazards, complex machinery, and physical labour. In these circumstances, it can provide employees with the peace of mind that the organisation has a vested interest in the health and wellbeing of their people.

Nurturing this type of culture results in fewer incidents, which also translates into cost savings. You also get an engaged workforce that looks out for one another and takes a proactive approach to safety in the workplace.

5. Customer-Centric Culture

This is another type of culture that should seem like common sense, but sadly it’s not. These types of organisations are focused on delivering to the customer needs and making it seamless to do business.

When employees can deliver to the customer needs, they will become engaged. If they have to tell them that something can’t be done due to an internal procedure or process, then it will leave them disengaged quickly as they will spend all their time dealing with complaints.

6. Leadership Culture

In this type of culture, everyone feels like they can make a contribution to the organisation regardless of the title they hold. At the same time, there is constant ongoing training and development programs designed to elevate the next group of leaders.

Obviously, not everyone will want to rise through the ranks. However, this type of culture can attract new talent who have aspirations to become a leader. You also always have backup plans in case your existing staff move on to other companies.

How to Improve Your Company Culture

The type of company culture you nurture within your organisation can determine the kind of success you have. It’s good to have a reality check every once and a while to see what type you have. Remember, it’s your employees that help the business achieve its goals and objectives. Make sure they have a culture they can thrive in.

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