How to Finish 2021 on a High

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Are you counting down the days until the end of 2021?

While it might not have been as bad as 2020, it could have been better. However, there’s not long to go now. What you can focus on instead is how you can finish 2021 on a high.

Will you complete everything on your to-do list? Maybe you’ll prepare a strategy for 2022. Perhaps there’s something much grander you’re aiming to complete by December 31.

So how can you finish 2021 on a high? If you’re stuck for ideas, try these ones before you celebrate the new year.

Look Back to Where You Started 2021

Before you even start thinking about the year ahead, you need to take a look back at the past 12 months. What was January 1, 2021, like? Where were you in your career? What skills did you have?

Now think about where you are today. Recognise what you’ve achieved and what you learned. This will help you shape what the next 12 months looks like while also patting yourself on the back for what you’ve achieved.

Plan Your Goals for the Next Six Months

After you’ve taken a look back at your achievements, have a think about what you didn’t get done. Maybe you aimed too high, or perhaps something unforeseen happened that held you back from completing goals.

Use this knowledge to set your objectives for the next six months. If you completed five things instead of ten, then aim for five in 2022. Try to align them to the business goals. What do they want to achieve, and how can you assist? Also, consider what skills and abilities are in demand and what you need to do now to learn them.

Prepare Development Plans for the Next Six Months

Your staff’s development plans is a task that can get away from you. So if you have time before you finish 2021, start putting together strategies with your team members on what 2022 will look like.

The more detail, the better. It will reduce your workload later and allow you to get a running start on the new year. It also shows your direct reports you’re committed to helping them succeed in their roles.

Take Some Time Off

If you haven’t got time off booked, then schedule some in. You don’t need to take the festive season off necessarily. But you should have something locked in where you take a break away from the office.

Taking time off is essential for your health and wellbeing. It gives you a clearer mind so you can strategise and lead your team better. So make sure you let your manager know when you won’t be available.

Finish 2021 Right

Getting a headstart on 2022 leaves you with a good feeling. You feel prepared and organised for the year ahead. It’s a great way to finish 2021 and give you something to look forward to when January 1 rolls around.

Maybe the last thing you can do for 2021 is add the Better Boss Blog to your favourites. It includes tips, tricks, and advice on how to improve your leadership capability. While you’re at it, follow pwf services on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, so you never miss a post.

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