The Workplace Trends in 2022 to Prepare For

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Is your mind starting to think about the year ahead?

While the past couple of years have turned the office upside down, what are the workplace trends in 2022 you should prepare yourself for? Will it be more of the same, or is there a new innovation on the horizon? Maybe we’ll all end up going back to the way it was.

If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s best to prepare yourself for anything. While we have no idea what to expect in the year ahead, here are some workplace trends in 2022 that are most likely to become a reality.

An Increase in AI and Automation

When some people read the words AI and automation, they immediately think of job losses. However, the World Economic Forum is predicting these functions will create 97 million jobs by 2025. Implementing this technology isn’t about taking roles away. It’s about evolving them to allow more brainpower to be used on high-value programs instead of low-value admin.

Think about the administration tasks you do today. What if it took a fraction of the time it takes today. How about if all your systems could talk to one another, so you don’t need to replicate information in multiple places. This is what AI and automation can do and one of the workplace trends in 2022 to prepare for.

A Focus on Organisational Resilience

If the past two years have taught companies anything, it’s that they need to be better prepared for disruptions. It goes beyond having a business continuity or disaster recovery plan. It requires upskilling your people and ensuring your company has everything it needs to continue operating if something unforeseen was to occur.

It also requires an emphasis on the wellbeing of your people. It can be a delicate path to cross, but by providing support and training to your staff, you can help improve their resilience and better prepare the company to handle any obstacle it may face.

Greater Emphasis on Skills

You can expect to see a reduction in companies looking for specific role experience. Instead, you’ll see a demand for certain skillsets. A lot of places have grand plans to get themselves back on their feet after the pandemic, and it will require particular abilities.

If you’re planning on changing roles or moving up within an organisation, you might want to explore skills in demand. Experience within a particular type of job might not be what employers are interested in. It could be an excellent opportunity to complete some online courses or gain expertise in specific areas before you put in an application.

Hybrid Working Becomes the Norm

There is going to be a need to connect in person, whether it be at an office or a shared workspace. However, flexibility to be able to work anywhere is no longer a feature on a job ad. It’s a necessity.

Many workers no longer want to sit for hours on a train or crawl in traffic as they head to the office. Hybrid working will give employees a better work-life balance and allow them to be more available for friends and family. If you don’t offer remote working now, you should start exploring it immediately.

While nothing is set in stone, these workplace trends in 2022 are worth being prepared for. Whether it’s hybrid working or organisational resilience, they all provide many benefits to the business and better prepare you and your company for the future.

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