5 Tips to Improve Your Staff Engagement

people working in a call center

Are you getting the sense you have a staff engagement issue?

Maybe your team members are less enthused about coming to work, or perhaps morale is low for some other reason. Regardless of the reason, you need to lift spirits and get your people excited about the future.

It’s easier said than done, right? There’s no quick fix for staff engagement. However, you can take plenty of steps to help reignite the passion your people have for the business.

1. Focus Less on Fixing and More on What’s Working

When you get staff engagement results or look to make it a priority, your natural instinct will be to go to fixing problems. Sure, there might be some blatant issues that need to be resolved. However, not every blemish on a report should become a priority.

A better strategy is to focus on what you’re doing well. Scale these practices and get more people to buy into them. It might be the way you communicate or how you nurture careers. Find out what it is precisely and look to improve on it further.

2. Communicate the Vision

You should be able to walk up to anyone within your organisation and ask them what the vision and purpose of the company is. They might not be able to recite it word for word, but they should know what the aim is and the goals are.

If they don’t know the purpose of the company, then this could be why you have a staff engagement problem. If your employees don’t understand the vision of the organisation, then they don’t know how to contribute and where they fit. So be sure to take the time to communicate it and give your people the opportunity to buy into it.

3. Celebrate the Successes

You don’t need to organise a pizza day every time you reach a goal. In fact, don’t organise pizza days. While it’s a nice gesture, there are better ways to show your recognition for staff members when achievements occur.

For example, you can thank your team members in person. Show gratitude for the work they’re putting into the company being a success. Provide them with some extra time off that doesn’t come out of their annual leave balance, so they get a chance to relax and reset. Find out from them what they would like as a reward for their efforts.

4. Find Out What Motivates Your People

You can’t improve staff engagement if you don’t know what motivates your people. Many companies will run workshops and strategy sessions on how to improve staff engagement without inviting any of the people they’re talking about.

Speaking to your staff is the simplest thing you can do. What do they want out of their working experience with your company? Is it something you can provide, or is the employee better off finding what they need elsewhere? You might be able to help them transition into a role that better suits them, even if it’s outside of the organisation.

5. Collaborate on the Strategy

One method to improve staff engagement is by collaborating on your company strategy with your people. It helps them buy into the vision of the organisation. You might still have the final say, but you’re inviting your team members into the conversation, and it will demonstrate they have a voice at the table.

It’s also a good development opportunity for staff members who may have aspirations of being in your role one day. They will get a peek behind the curtains as to what goes into being a leader and the type of mindset they need to work on to be able to succeed in the position.

Make Staff Engagement a Priority

Staff engagement isn’t an initiative or program you run. It should be something that simply exists within your workplace. Your people are not assets or liabilities. They are the reason your company exists and why it’s successful. You should want to keep them happy and engaged. Otherwise, you’re in the wrong role.

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