How to Ask for Help at Work

ask for help at work

For some leaders, it can be challenging to ask for help.

Some people see asking for assistance as a sign of weakness. They’re worried about what the other person might think. Will they look at them differently or lose trust in their ability to do their job?

However, asking for help at work can actually do the opposite. It can build collaborative relationships. You can learn new skills and abilities. It also helps nurture partnerships. You never know, they may need your help too.

If you feel nervous and aren’t sure how to ask for help at work, try these tips to improve your confidence.

Choose the Right Time to Ask for Help

It’s good to gauge your colleague or manager’s workload before you ask for help. If they’re feeling overwhelmed or have some urgent items on their to-do list, then now might not be the right time. You have to remember that they have a job to do too. So make sure they have the capacity to be able to assist you before you approach them.

Pick the Right Person

You might already have a confidant or someone you lean on when you need assistance. However, you should confirm that they have the right skill set. It might be best to ask for help from someone else who is considered an expert within the organisation. They will be able to share their knowledge with you and provide you with tips that others may not be able to do due to a lack of experience.

Be Clear on What You Need Help For

Before you ask for help, you should be clear on what you need assistance with. You don’t want to waste anyone’s time. Take a moment before your conversation to prepare some notes or collate your information so you can present it to the individual you’re approaching. They will appreciate the effort you’ve gone to and will help them narrow down how they can assist you.

Demonstrate What You’ve Already Tried

As part of your preparation, you should take some time to explain how you’ve tried to resolve the situation. It will demonstrate to the individual that you haven’t given up at the first sign of adversity. You’ve made attempts to progress forward and haven’t thrown your hands up after one shot at it. It also helps the person you’ve approached come up with new solutions. The last thing they will want to hear from you is that you’ve already tried that.

It’s Ok to Ask for Help at Work

Learning how to ask for help at work is an important skill. You need to overcome your fears or insecurities to develop collaborative relationships with your colleagues. You can also learn new skills that will improve your leadership capability. Follow these tips to ensure you choose the right person to help and get the right outcome for you and the situation you’re facing.

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