5 Ideas to Improve Your Team Culture

team culture at work

Have you noticed a shift in your team culture?

It might be the move from working as a group inside the office to individually at home. Maybe hybrid working isn’t helping bring your direct reports together. As a result, they’re disconnected, and the team culture suffers.

Is this just the nature of remote working, or is there something you can do about it? You can definitely regain the team culture you once had when you were all together. Try these ideas out if you’re not sure where to start.

1. Lead From the Top

You might have told your team the operating rhythm you’d like, but you need to do more than that. You have to live and breathe it. If you want your direct reports to dress professionally, regardless of whether they’re in the office or at home, then you need to as well. Maybe you want them to celebrate success with one another. You have to be the one to kick it off. This is why you’re the leader.

2. Encourage Collaboration

The best teams are the ones that work closely with one another. They don’t just offer support. They also provide coaching, training, and development. Your direct reports want to lift one another up and achieve their business objectives. So encourage them to help one another. If your company allows it, provide them with the tools and access they need to develop their fellow team members.

3. Celebrate Recognition

Success is not a given in business. It takes a lot of hard work and persistence to achieve company objectives. As such, you need to recognise your team’s efforts to attain their results. It’s not “part of their job” or “what they get paid for”. It’s an accomplishment. Celebrate with them and encourage your direct reports to highlight the efforts of their peers

4. Set a Team Objective

Nothing brings a team together like an objective that requires everyone’s input and efforts. It could be something that you agree on together or a goal that the company has set for you. Take the time to get together and allocate actions to everyone. They will then become responsible for delivering, and their colleagues are accountable for helping out.

5. Recruit with the Team Culture in Mind

Bringing in new team members can make or break team culture. You want to ensure you recruit people with the dynamic in mind. Will it compliment the existing personalities and skills you have, or is there a potential for a clash? A good exercise is to have some of your direct reports interview potential candidates to get a feel. Find out if they think they will be a good fit. After all, they’ll be the ones spending most of the time alongside them.

Make Team Culture a Priority

Your team culture plays a significant role in the success of your organisation. When your people feel flat, they aren’t driven to perform. When they’re committed and engaged, they will go above and beyond to meet the company objectives. It doesn’t matter if your team members work from home or in the office. You need to commit as a leader to nurture a strong company culture.

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