What Makes a Good Workplace Culture?

three people discussing good workplace culture

A leader knows that good workplace culture is vital to the success of an organisation.

But what does it look like?

Is it something you can see? Maybe a good workplace culture is something that you feel. There’s a buzz about it, and when you’re asked to describe it, you can’t exactly put it into words. But whatever it is, you know it exists.

A better question is, how do you bring this to life? Good workplace culture isn’t a myth. Here’s what you need to do to make it a reality in your office.

A Fearless Workplace Culture

Good workplace culture is an environment where the employees are fearless. They can bring ideas and strategies to life without worrying about being ostracised for trying to achieve company objectives. Your people may not always get it right. But they learn. They adapt. They try again and again until they reach the result they’re hoping for.

Promoting a fearless company culture allows for innovation. Remember, you hired or inherited your team of experts. Give them the space to utilise their expertise. Challenge them to ensure they’ve thought of everything. But just make sure to do it in an encouraging and respectful way, or you might find they stop coming to the table with ideas.

Supportive Workplace

Being supportive goes beyond telling someone they did a good job or giving them a gift voucher for their efforts. It means helping them improve within their current position and encouraging them to start thinking about the next one. Where are their strengths, and what areas do they require more work on?

It could be signing them up for an online course or providing them with opportunities to develop skills. For example, if they’re not a strong public speaker, have them present at team meetings or in front of groups of people they’re comfortable with. Showing a genuine interest in their development is what helps thrive a positive workplace culture.

Collaborative Culture

Silo mentality destroys workplace culture. It causes everyone to work on their own initiatives and achieve objectives that are only important to them. If you have different applications and programs, it makes it even worse. It creates single points of failure, which can impact your business continuity.

Good workplace culture is one that is collaborative. There is a single objective that everyone is working towards. Everyone is clear on their role and the contribution they bring to the table. Think about what your goal is. Does everyone know the part they play? How can you ensure everyone is on the same page if they don’t?

A Workplace that Delivers the Goods

Talking about strategies and initiatives is one thing. But good workplace culture is when you actually deliver it. Over analysing and endless workshops covering the same ground is a great way to kill engagement.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus on planning. But be mindful of how much you’re doing. The goal is to deliver projects and initiatives. When these are brought to life, they help build momentum and send a message to the organisation that the company is heading in the right direction.

Why is Good Workplace Culture Important?

Good workplace culture has a direct correlation to the performance of an organisation. It’s much easier to achieve goals and meet objectives when everyone is pulling in the same direction. Infighting and silos benefit nobody. So if you’re noticing this in your office, it’s up to you to put a stop to it.

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