5 Ways You Can Add Value at Meetings

learning how to add value at meetings

Just talking for the sake of talking doesn’t add value at meetings.

No one in the room is counting how many words you say. They will notice how much you’re saying. But they will be more interested in what it is you’re actually contributing to the meeting.

It can affect if you’re invited to the next session as well as how you’re involved in projects and initiatives moving forward. If you can add value and progress the conversation, then it’s likely you’ll be seen as a critical team member.

So how can you add value at meetings? Try not to overthink it the next time you attend a session. But look to incorporate these tips while you’re sitting in the room.

1. Listen to What is Being Said

It seems like a simple tip. But you would be surprised how many leaders don’t listen during meetings and just wait for their opportunity to speak. When they do get time to talk, they repeat a lot of what has been said and don’t add any value to the conversation.

Listen to what your colleagues have to say. Everyone in the room is there for a reason. Broaden your perspective and learn from them. It can help shape your contribution to the meeting. You may not need to cover as much ground, or there may be specific points you need to emphasise. Overall, it will be more personalised and provide more value at the meeting.

2. Keep it Simple

You always need to consider your audience at meetings. It might not always be a room full of people who are as knowledgeable as you. They may not have the same understanding of your space. It could be a broad group of individuals from around the organisation.

Avoid any jargon and technical language. You will draw more people in if you can use universally known phrases. Some people will switch off when they hear acronyms they don’t understand. To add value at meetings, you need to hold your audience’s attention and send them away with something they can use.

3. Speak Visually

You’ll add value at meetings if you can draw people into your vision. Suppose you’re presenting a strategy or suggesting an initiative. In that case, you’re going to want to ensure that everyone in the room can visualise the problem, the solution, and how they can contribute to the cause.

It needs to be tangible. Some visionaries can fall into the trap of promising utopia and not delivering. It’s best if you have a history of demonstrating you can provide results. If you don’t have this, then try to keep it modest. Remember, it’s best to under-promise and over-deliver.

4. Highlight Issues

There’s nothing wrong with highlighting issues and concerns in meetings. Sure, some people don’t want to hear it. However, there is a way you can counter this and discuss it appropriately without coming across as negative.

When broaching the topic of issues, ensure that you offer some potential solutions. For example, if you’re giving an update on sales for the month and you don’t think you’re going to achieve the target, then discuss what you’re doing to reach the goal. It could be following up on old leads or changing up the sales conversation. After you’ve provided your update, ask the group if they have any suggestions and take their ideas on board.

5. Ask Open Questions

When asking questions at meetings, try to make them open. You want to keep the conversation flowing. It should be an opportunity to draw more voices into the topic and allow for more points of view. In other words, it adds value at meetings.

Closed questions can sound democratic. It might seem like you’re trying to call a vote on something and count how many people said yes or no. It doesn’t provide anything to the discussion. You want opinions and points of view. It will help shape your strategy and ensure that you’re set up for success.

Why You Need to Add Value at Meetings

When you add value at meetings, it improves your credibility within the organisation you work for. You are recognised as someone who can be counted on. It builds trust with colleagues and senior leaders. As you begin to deliver results, you are given more responsibility and more leeway to try more things. This doesn’t come purely from talking in meetings. It only comes when you actually contribute effectively.

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