Why Strategy is Important for Team Leaders

developing a strategy

You might think that team leaders don’t need to concern themselves with strategy.

It’s something that executives are responsible for, right? They’re the ones who get paid the big bucks to come up with objectives and goals for the organisation. However, team leaders need to understand why strategy forms part of their role.

What executives and leaders don’t provide you is how you will achieve goals and objectives. It’s your responsibility to deliver on these directives. Your best approach is to develop a strategy that incorporates your direct reports.

But that’s not the only reason why strategy is important. Let’s take a closer look at why it’s something you should pay more attention to.

Strategy Helps You Plan Better

Developing a strategy for your team can provide you with direction and help you plan out how you will achieve your goals and objectives. You can’t just keep doing what you’re doing and expecting the results to come. If you have higher targets or different metrics, you’re going to need to develop a strategy on how you’ll reach these KPIs.

You Can Identify Strengths and Development Areas

As you go through the process of developing a strategy, you’ll gain a better understanding of what capabilities you already have and which ones you need. In other words, strengths and development areas. It doesn’t necessarily mean going on a recruitment drive. You may need to run some training or upskilling programs to help you achieve your goals. These improvements may not get identified if you didn’t develop a plan to meet objectives.

It Allows You to Allocate Resources More Efficiently

Another reason why strategy is essential for team leaders is that you’ll gain efficiencies in the workplace. One of the areas you’ll improve upon is how you utilise your team members. As their manager, you will know your direct report’s strengths and development areas. When specific tasks need to be completed, you can pick the right candidate to ensure it’s done right instead of choosing anyone.

You Can Better Connect with Your Customers

The people that benefit most from your strategy is your customers. You can’t achieve goals or objectives without your clients. You need to develop ways to service and interact with them that benefit both the business and their needs. As you begin to investigate, you’ll start to narrow your focus to ensure everything you and your team do is customer-led. When you implement these initiatives, you’ll begin to see the results follow if you truly know what they want.

Why Strategy is Critical to Your Success

Learning strategy doesn’t necessarily mean coming up with goals and objectives for the organisation. However, it will help you in achieving them as a team leader. Your role contributes to the organisation’s success in one way or another. That is why strategy is vital to learn and implement into your day to day operations. Without it, you will have no focus on how to succeed and struggle to connect with your customers.

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