How to Create a Strategy on a Page

strategy session on whiteboard

Can you fit your workplace strategy on a single page?

If your strategy can only be explained through the use of extensive PowerPoint presentations or requires the use of a lectern, then you have a problem. You should be able to create a strategy on a page that speaks to your objectives as well as how you plan on achieving them.

It shouldn’t just be for you either. It should be something that your team can get behind. They should be able to look at it and just get what they need to do and how they can contribute.

So how do you create a strategy on a page? If you’ve got writer’s block, try these tips and make sure all of these components are included.

What is the Purpose of Your Strategy on a Page?

Start by asking yourself why you’re doing this. Is there a corporate goal or objective that you are required to achieve? Maybe the company is going in a new direction, and you need to change course. Whatever it might be, you need to start with this.

It shouldn’t be any longer than a single sentence that encapsulates everything you’re trying to achieve. Perhaps you want to be the best in your industry or attain a certain market share within a particular category. Keep it simple but achievable.

Who are You Serving?

It’s essential to include your customers in your strategy on a page. Define who your target market is. You can’t attract every single person on the planet. Narrow it down to specific segments, regions, or even a particular demographic. This will help narrow your focus.

You should also include what your value proposition is. Do you want to be known as the best company in quality or customer service? Maybe you want to be the cheapest. Choose how you’re going to attract these people you’re targeting.

What are the Goals?

Now it’s time to list your goals and objectives. What will you consider success? Is it a specific number or figure? You have to choose something that is measurable and that you can refer back to throughout the time period you’re implementing your strategy.

Some examples can include revenue goals, a percentage improvement on the prior year in a particular metric, or achieving more as a team with fewer staff members. Be sure to write this down on your strategy on a page so you can hold yourself to account.

What Does Your Team Need to Achieve?

Next up is how you’re going to achieve the objectives. Take a look at your operations. Do you have the right core competencies and skillset to be able to reach your goals? If you don’t, how are you going to go about obtaining these abilities?

If you do have everything you need, then your focus turns to how you’re going to apply it over the time period. Will you need to change your operations to meet objectives, or does it require your staff to operate differently from previous years? Define what you need and ensure it’s clear for anyone who reads it.

Why You Need a Strategy on a Page

A strategy on a page provides you and your team with direction. It shows where you’re headed and what is needed from every member of the group in order to accomplish the mission. The simpler you keep it, the easier it will be for everyone to understand. It will also allow them to buy into the objectives. You might even find they have some ideas that just might work.

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