How to Engage Your Staff

engaged staff

What’s the vibe in your office at the moment?

Are you sensing a good buzz? You can hear staff members engaged and working as they try to achieve business objectives. Or is there an eery silence? You take a look around and don’t see many people smiling or working very hard. They’re counting down the seconds until they can return home, even though they only just clocked in.

If you’re noticing this, you need to engage your staff. But what does this mean? Is it an excuse for a pizza day? No, it’s not. It means you need to do the following.

Set Your Staff Up for Success

When you provide staff members with their business objectives, do you also ensure they have what they need to achieve them? It doesn’t necessarily mean software or leads. They might need additional training or access to courses to help them improve upon their existing skillset.

You also need to ensure you provide coaching and development. You’re likely going to be asking for more from them than you did the year prior. Recognise this and find the best way to support them as they push themselves to succeed.

Explain How They Contribute to the Organisation’s Performance

You can easily engage your staff by demonstrating how they contribute to the company performance. Keep them informed of how the business is doing. Call out specific metrics that relate to your team. If it’s sales, speak to revenue. If it’s customer service, speak to growth and retention. Allow them to share in the success.

Make sure they’re aware of the company’s grand plans too. They might have some ideas on how they can assist. If they do, this will demonstrate that they are engaged in the business and willing to help it achieve its goals.

Help Your Staff Grow

Your staff members don’t want to be in the same role for the rest of their lives. Find out what motivates them and what they have their eye on next. How can you help guide them through their career?

It doesn’t need to be an expensive exercise. You can provide them with additional tasks outside of their core role to build experience. Maybe they can shadow you to learn the ropes. Find ways to provide them with hands-on experience and keep them engaged.

Recognise Efforts

The words “it’s part of their job” should never leave your lips. You expect more from your team members every day and every year. It’s never work slower and do less. It’s more likely do more with fewer people around you.

You need to acknowledge the little things that your staff do, like show up to work. The less appreciative you are that you have people, the more likely they are to start searching for a job with a company that will be happy to have them.

Create the Right Environment

Your workplace environment plays a significant role in how engaged your staff are. They should have the right level of authority to be able to do what they need to do in their role. There should be freedom to get creative and try new things without fear of being punished for making mistakes.

Think about the type of office space you have. Are your staff empowered? If they’re not, it’s only a matter of time before they hand in their resignation.

Why You Need to Engage Your Staff

Your staff don’t just come to work for fun or a paycheck. They show up because they want to be a part of something. It doesn’t have to be anything enlightening. It could be that they want to feel like they contribute to the company in some way, shape, or form. This is how you engage your staff and why they’ll continue to show up.

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