Why You Should Bring Your Whole Self to Work

bringing your whole self to work

Do you have a workplace persona?

Is it professional? Do you use terms and phrases that you would never say in the “real world”? You should stop to think if this is a person you’d like to interact with at a social event.

It’s normal for many people to act one way at the office and another way at home. But it’s actually not the most effective way to lead. You can come across as disingenuous, which makes it harder for your people to trust you.

That’s why you’ve probably you’ve heard of the phrase “whole self”. Your organisation should encourage you to be yourself at work. Here’s why you should take their recommendation.

Create Strong Connections

When you bring your whole self to work, you can establish better relationships with your direct reports and colleagues. People are attracted to authenticity. If you are putting on an office persona, then it will be evident to everyone around you.

You’ll eventually find that these people interact with you in one way and with others in a different way. They mirror your persona with their own. But when you’re acting like yourself, the guards come down, and you can work better together.

Enhance the Workplace Culture

Do you have an office full of people pretending to be someone that management expects them to be? It creates a culture of fear. Employees start to worry if they’re acting the right way, and when they let their guard down, they worry about reprisals for showing their true colours.

The people that enjoy going to work are the ones who feel like they can be themselves between 9 am and 5 pm. This feeling is infectious with the rest of the workers. In the end, it creates a positive work culture that’s inclusive and allows everyone to be themselves.

Your Wellbeing

It consumes a lot of mental energy to be two different people. You have to overthink everything that comes out of your mouth. Not only that, but you also need to consider your body language. From how you’re sitting in your chair to how you nod your head. No wonder you’re exhausted when you get home from work.

But when you bring your whole self to work, you don’t need to overthink every word or action you take. It comes to you naturally. Going to the office ends up being no different to visiting a friend or heading to the shops. You’re more comfortable, and there is less of a toll on your mental health.

Leading from the Top

Your staff look to your guidance on how they should act when at work. When you’re happy, they’re happy. If you’re feeling stressed, they will mirror your emotions.

When you bring your whole self to work, it provides them permission to do the same. If you are acting with a persona, they will feel like that is the way they have to be too. Lead from the top and encourage them to be themselves. You might find some unknown benefits such as improved engagement and higher productivity.

Be Your Whole Self

There are many reasons why you should bring your whole self to work. If you find yourself in an organisation that wants you to act a specific way that feels foreign to you, then that company is not for you. Look for a place that allows you to be yourself, so you don’t have to stress about being two different people.

If you need help learning about how to be your whole self, then make sure to follow the Better Boss Blog. You’ll find tips, tricks, and advice on improving these skills. Follow pwf services on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, so you never miss a post.

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