4 Tips to Lift the Spirit of Your Employees

Are you and your team feeling like you’re in a bit of a rut?

Maybe there have been some significant changes at the office. Perhaps your staff are going through the motions and don’t feel as motivated as they once did. It could also be a sign of burnout.

When you start to notice these signs, it’s up to you to get things back on track. You still have targets to achieve and business objectives to strive for. You can’t accomplish these on your own. It requires everyone to work as a team.

So how can you lift the spirits of your employees? If you’re lost for ideas, try these ones out.

1. Celebrate Recent Achievements

It’s essential to take time out to celebrate business achievements. It could be a milestone or reaching a particular target. You shouldn’t take these moments for granted. While you might think it’s “part of their job” to hit the numbers you expect, it takes more effort than you think it does. Especially if the figure or objective is higher than the previous year and your team is smaller.

You don’t need to throw a huge party. Just take some time to acknowledge the efforts. Call it out in front of colleagues. Invite some senior leaders to the get-together, so they’re also aware of the steps you and your team are putting in to achieve business goals.

2. Run a Development Workshop

When staff feel like they’re in a rut, it could be time to run a workshop that provides them with some new skills and abilities. It might even show them some fresh approaches and help them come up with alternative strategies.

Avoid making it a traditional boring training session. It needs to be vibrant and interactive. You don’t want to be telling staff how to do their job. Make it collaborative, so they feel like they’re the ones coming up with all of the answers.

3. Hold a Team Building Activity

Team building activities are an opportunity to identify employee strengths and development areas. It also helps in getting staff to better collaborate and communicate. If they haven’t had time to get to know one another due to the workload, then this is an opportunity to get to know their teammates in a different setting.

Much like the development workshop, it’s important to make this exciting. It should engage the staff and not feel like a mandatory session where having fun is compulsory. You want people to have a good time and enjoy it so it can lift the spirit of everyone in the team.

4. Get Out of the Office

Sometimes the most straightforward answer is the most obvious. If people feel like they’re in a rut or need to lift their spirits, then get out of the one place that is having the opposite effect.

You can run an outdoor team meeting. Another option is to head to your favourite coffee house for a get-together. You can even just have lunch out at a restaurant. Whatever it may be, escape the office and enjoy yourselves in the outside world.

Find Out What Will Lift the Spirit of Your Employees

The best way to figure out what will lift the spirit of your employees is to just ask them. Find out what the root cause of the rut is. Discuss with them what would help motivate them. It can take away a lot of the guesswork and increase participation in the activity you decide to do.

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