What are Transferable Skills

If you’re currently looking for a new job, you might have heard the phrase transferable skills.

In short, these are your abilities that may also be relevant to positions outside of your existing one. For example, leadership skills are transferable. They can be utilised in many different industries outside of your current occupation. The core concepts are the same. You just might need to apply it differently to the new job.

So what are some other examples of transferable skills, and why are they important? You might be surprised to learn how many you already possess.

Examples of Transferable Skills

There are dozens of abilities that are considered transferable skills. Here are the most common ones that you may already possess as a team leader or manager.


No doubt, in your role as a team leader, you’re facing problems on a daily basis. Maybe you’re not meeting your targets or have to deal with a dispute between employees. You might have various approaches you can take, which is a part of problem-solving.

This skill is in high demand in a lot of roles and industries. Businesses are constantly trying to stay competitive and ahead of customer expectations. It requires a lot of problem-solving to meet these demands.


Are you good with numbers? Perhaps you can take an in-depth look at a situation and visualise some possible solutions. Either way, you likely have some analytical skills that you use to develop strategies and solutions.

It’s not a skill that everyone has. It takes unique individuals to be able to see potential options to take. They can assess each one and identify the pros and cons. You can utilise this ability in many different positions outside of a leadership position.


As a team leader, you’re naturally working as a group with your direct reports and colleagues. You can identify everyone’s strengths and development areas. You also know who to utilise for specific tasks as they are the best fit.

There are a lot of roles that aren’t part of teams. As such, this is a critical skill to learn. You need to not only know where you fit within your people but also how to operate as one group to achieve business objectives.

Relationship Building

There are multiple roles that require relationship building. It might not necessarily be with people within your organisation. It could also involve external stakeholders such as vendors or customers. It’s a critical skill that’s worth developing.

As a team leader, you need to forge relationships with your direct reports and colleagues. It often works in parallel with your teamwork skills. It can be how you communicate with other individuals or the way in which you build rapport. Usually, the better your relationships, the higher your performance.

How to Work on Your Transferable Skills

Transferable skills don’t often come naturally. It’s something you need to work at and continue to evolve as the business changes. However, it also opens you up to other potential career pathways you might not have thought were possible. Take a look at some job ads. In the required skills, you might find several that you already possess.

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