The Essential Leadership Skills You Need in 2022

Are you thinking about what you need to work on as a leader in 2022?

There are always new essential leadership skills worth developing. The environment you’re working in has likely changed significantly since you first started with the company. As such, it requires a brand new set of skills and abilities worth working on.

But what leadership skills are vital in 2022? If it’s not clear in your office where you should focus your development, then make these abilities a priority.


You’re probably sick of solving problems by now. The last two years haven’t been easy, and there are likely tons of issues you’ve been responsible for resolving. Sadly, it doesn’t like it’s going to get any easier. In fact, you’ll probably discover several new obstacles that will require a unique approach.

Problem-solving should always form part of your development. The more methods and strategies you have in your toolbox, the better prepared you are to face them head-on. You’re always going to come across new customers and different team members. So, stay on your toes and continue to evolve this leadership skill.

Decision Making

Not every decision needs to involve a calibration. If it sits within your remit and you’re responsible for the outcome, you need to be the one who decides on the path you’re taking.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t communicate what it is you’re doing. It’s vital to keep your team members involved and updated, especially if they have an interest or could potentially get impacted somehow. However, they should not hold you back in deciding what the best course of action is.


Have you found it challenging to upskill other team members in essential leadership skills? It’s easier when you’re in the office as you can shadow them and you’re available to provide direction or assistance. However, you will need to get used to delegating remotely.

It’s unlikely that offices will ever return to 100% capacity. Not because of the pandemic. But because not everyone wants to return to the office. So you will need to adapt your delegation techniques to work remotely and get the outcomes you need.

Boundary Setting

The line between work and home has been blurred. Many can handle it, and others don’t have the luxury. As you adapt to this new way of working, it’s an excellent time to set some boundaries between you and your team members.

There’s nothing wrong with being friendly outside of the office. However, it’s important that team members know what is and isn’t ok when you’re working. They also need to know what is expected of them as employees or colleagues.

How to Learn Essential Leadership Skills

You should always be looking for ways to build new essential leadership skills. No year in your career should be identical. It should come with new challenges and obstacles to overcome. As such, you need additional abilities to tackle these issues and strengthen your leadership capability.

If you need help developing your skills and abilities, then make sure you’re following the Better Boss Blog. You’ll find tips and advice on how to improve your leadership capability. Follow pwf services on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, so you never miss a post.

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