Simple Strategy Ideas to Get You Started

Where do you start coming up with a strategy idea?

Many businesses have multiple priorities. They want everything yesterday. However, all you end up doing is chasing after yourself. It’s much more productive to have a strategy idea that you can use as your true north. This way, whenever a meeting or request pops up, you can refer back to your objectives and determine if it’s something you should pursue.

So, where do you start? If you’ve got writer’s block and are staring at a blank page hoping it will speak to you, try these strategy ideas to get you going.

Top Team in the Division

If you’re not the benchmark in your organisation, then this is something you should aim for. If you have no competitors, then use some external criteria to compete against. Firstly, establish what metrics make you a top team. These will become your objectives over the next 12 months.

Next, lay out what steps you need to take to maintain these metrics across the year. It’s not just about achieving your goals in one month. You need to be consistent with your performance because once you reach the top spot, it’s much harder to stay there.

Best Customer Service Experience

Customer service doesn’t just apply to the people who buy your products or service. You can use it for internal teams such as IT, marketing, digital, and even HR. If you’re a team that takes requests from other departments, then you can measure your reputation within the organisation.

It doesn’t mean saying yes to every request that comes past your desk. Sometimes it’s the way you say no or provide education on how the individual’s proposal could be handled differently. You want people within the company to speak highly of your team, even when you’re not in the room.

Faster Delivery

If you’re a team responsible for delivering projects or initiatives, then perhaps your strategy idea could relate to the speed at which you provide them. For example, you might have activities that occur every year at the same time. While there might be some minor adjustments, for the most part, they should be identical.

So how can you deliver it quicker than you did the year before? Another good approach is to consider what needs to be done to speed up the processes for the following year. What investments can you make that will improve future deliveries? These are some of the strategies you can put in place to improve yourself and your team.

Same Performance, Fewer People

Even if a business is doing well, some companies just don’t have the cash reserve to scale like they would want to. At the same time, they might be losing staff members, which can put more pressure on the other employees.

In this instance, your strategy idea might not be to grow the numbers. Maybe you want to achieve the same benchmarks as the previous year but with fewer people on the payroll. If you choose to pursue this objective, then your focus needs to turn to employee wellbeing. You’ll need to figure out how to keep your staff fresh and energetic, so they don’t burn out from the extra workload.

How to Execute Your Strategy Ideas

Once you have your strategy idea, the next steps are to plan out what success looks like. Will you require investment to reach your objectives? What will you do differently to coach and develop your team? This should become your guiding light for the next 12 months, but it’s a good idea to map out your plan.

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