Does it Matter How Long Your Goal Takes to Achieve?

Short term, medium term, long term goals. How do you know what length of time you should choose?

Perhaps the more important question you should ask yourself is, does it matter?

There are no doubt objectives that your company wants to achieve monthly, quarterly, and yearly. That’s not what we’re talking about today. We’re talking about the goals that you’re setting for yourself. It might be to be in a particular position. Maybe you want to have developed a new skill by a specific date. It could be a personal goal.

It’s good to hold yourself to account and put a timeline on it. However, it shouldn’t be the focus when you set out to achieve your objective. Here’s why it doesn’t really matter as much as you think.

Time is a Motivator

The reason you should put a time limit on your goal is to motivate yourself. It’s designed as a final destination, so you know where you need to be by a specific point in time. You know that in order to achieve your objective, it will take a time commitment. So having a deadline puts you into a frame of mind to help you plan.

However, it’s the least important part of your goal. Achieving it early or late is the same. Your focus should be on getting you closer to the objective each day. If you planned it correctly, then you should meet the deadline. But it shouldn’t stress you out if you don’t make the timeframe.

Planning Matters

The planning process is more important than the deadline itself. This process is a habit. It’s how you learn what you need to do to set yourself goals and how long it will take you.

The more frequently you go through this process, the better you’ll get at it. You’ll begin accommodating for unforeseen events and plan contingencies when something doesn’t go to plan. Every time you set an objective, you need to make sure this step is a priority.

Progress is Key

There may come a time while you’re trying to achieve your goal that everything comes to a standstill. Perhaps what was working up to a certain point doesn’t anymore. So you need to change course in order to continue going forward.

This is the most crucial aspect of achieving a goal. It’s progress. Don’t focus yourself on the end goal. Keep your eye on the next step forward towards it. Once you complete that, look to the next one and so on.

Stay Focussed

These are just some of the reasons why a deadline isn’t as important as other factors. While it’s good to draw a line in the sand to know when you’ll achieve your objective, your real focus needs to be on planning and progress. Put your attention on completing the next step. You’ll find you will arrive at your destination at the right point in time.

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