Why Habits are Better Than Goals

When you’re setting yourself goals, are you thinking about the habit you’re forming or the result at the end of the road?

Let’s establish that there is nothing wrong with setting goals. If it motivates you, then stick with it. But if it doesn’t, then focussing on establishing new habits is a better alternative.

There are multiple reasons why building habits is better than aiming to achieve goals. Here are just a few of the most popular ones.

Habits are Continuous

After achieving a goal in a month or a year, it can be like crossing a finish line. You’ve completed the objective, and now it’s time to think about what’s next. Where do you go or where do you want to be in a certain amount of time.

With a habit, you’re looking to establish something new in your life. It could be something as small as making your bed every morning or more rigorous like going to the gym three times a week. After the new habit is formed, it becomes a part of your normal routine. You will continue to perform it with no end date in sight.

Habits Focus on Improvement

Sure, there are such things as bad habits. But usually, when you’re looking to establish something new, it’s to improve upon something. You might want to eat healthier or develop a new skill.

Goals often require a metric to achieve. While it’s usually an improvement upon a figure, sometimes it’s not always the case. It could be that you want to maintain a certain level or do the same but with less.

Habits Can be Built Upon

Sometimes, you will look to improve upon the objective you’ve already completed with goals. It might be to do something faster or smarter. You’ve got a metric or result that you can use as a baseline.

But habits are different. Once you’ve established it, you can further improve upon it to continue achieving the desired effects. For example, maybe you start going running once a week. Within a month, you’ll go twice a week, then so on.

How to Form New Habits

Sometimes you have to form new habits to achieve your goals. But you should think about what happens once you’ve completed your objectives. Do you stop, or does the habit remain? What if you flip the two? If you focus on building the habit, the results will naturally come.

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