Where Your Career Can Take You as a Team Leader

When you’re in a team leader role, you might think that the only way is up.

However, once you start looking closer and recognising your transferrable skills, you quickly realise there are many avenues you could pursue instead. They also don’t necessarily mean you have to start from the bottom again. You will be surprised to learn you could slot into specific roles and hit the ground running.

So what paths could you pursue? Here are just a few examples to help you think about what might be the next step for your career.

Project Manager

A project manager isn’t a technical role. It’s really a relationship manager position. They collaborate with various stakeholders across multiple departments to ensure everyone is on track to meet milestones. They’re also the conduit between the leadership team and the project team members.

Relationship management and communicating with stakeholders. Sound familiar? Project management shares a lot of similarities with team leadership. You have goals and targets to meet. The trick is how do you coordinate the team members to meet the objectives.


Not all marketing roles are about designing ads or producing creative materials. In fact, many of these positions involve liaising with agencies that handle all your advertising needs. So you may need to manage them to budgets, expectations, and discuss with them the vision and aspirations for the various campaigns.

This is managing people in a different way. They’re not direct reports, and these people are experts in their field. But it does require coaching and development. They may need some assistance in moulding campaigns to match your company’s tone and voice. You can utilise your people management skills to help get them there faster.


Whether your company calls it HR or People and Culture, there’s one thing for sure, these business partners are employee-focused professionals. Their role is to be a conduit between the business and the individual. They’re not just available for conflicts and complaints. HR professionals help build upon a strong culture and get the most out of the staff so the company can be a success.

As a team leader, you’re already used to being employee-focussed. You’re also familiar with being a conduit between the business and your team members. A role in HR is just applying it differently. If you’re passionate about the people, then this might be the career path for you.

Digital Design

You might think this one is a stretch. However, to work in digital design, you don’t necessarily need to know how to code or even understand programming language. After all, Steve Jobs didn’t and look what he accomplished. The key to being an excellent digital design professional is understanding how people act and think.

Who better than a team leader to know how people act and think. Not just your direct reports, but you’ve likely had a conversation or two with customers. This is what digital designers want. The big buzzword is human-centred design. In short, it’s breaking down to the simplest form of how will a person use this feature. Your experience as a team leader will be invaluable in this space.

Where Do You Want to Go Next as a Team Leader?

Not everyone wants to be in a leadership role for their entire career, and that’s ok. But this is why you need to start making the most of the opportunities presented to you. It might not seem like it has anything to do with your role now, but it could in your next one.

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