5 Tips for Improving Your Work Ethic

If you clicked on this article, you might think there’s nothing wrong with your work ethic.

You’re probably right. You might be a hard worker. You always complete your tasks on time and very rarely take a sick day, even if you’re not feeling 100%.

But there’s always room for improvement right? Maybe that’s why you clicked on this article.

So how can you improve your work ethic? Try implementing these tips this week and see if you notice a difference in how you approach your role.

1. Adjust Your Attitude

A lot of your work ethic comes from your attitude. It’s about how you walk in the door of the office or show up at a Zoom meeting. If you’re not there to take control of the day and deliver the goods, then this will get projected to your peers and direct reports. The worst part is that this may influence them as well.

So before you clock in for the day, give yourself a reality check. How is your attitude going to affect the people around you today? Will it motivate them to give 100%, or will they wish they never showed up? Don’t underestimate how much your attitude makes a difference to the success of the organisation.

2. Be Early

Take a moment to think about when you show up to meetings. Are you the first one or the last person that arrives five minutes late forcing the organiser to recap what you’ve missed? You might not think it, but this can impact your work ethic.

The first meeting you’re late to will not be the last. You’ll end up chasing yourself for the rest of the day. Be early to your first one and let the host know if you have a meeting immediately after and that you’ll be leaving five minutes early to attend it. If you’re the one setting expectations, then you’re the one in control of your day.

3. Manage Your Time Wisely

One of the biggest mistakes many leaders make is focussing solely on the workload they need to complete today. What ends up happening is that you always get your work finished on the last day it’s due. You might be trying to get it done in meetings or workshops you’re attending. It might sound like you’re multitasking, but you’re not.

You always have to plan ahead. Work backwards from the due date and figure out how much you need to do each day in order to achieve the deadline. A good tip is to deliver your requirements a couple of days earlier. It provides an opportunity for reviews and reworks to occur before the deadline.

4. Choose Your Achievements

At the start of your day, decide what you will achieve today. Maybe you want to get a portion of work done for something due in a week. Perhaps you want to be early to every meeting today. It could be something that’s been on your to-do list for a while.

The most important part of this tip is to be realistic. Look at your calendar and workload. What is possible to achieve today with everything you have going on? It’s ok if it’s just one thing. The goal is to walk out of the office feeling like you’ve accomplished something and moved forward, even if it’s just one step.

5. Keep a Balance

Your mental health is vital for a strong work ethic. Your brain needs time to reset and not think about work. You need to be disciplined when it comes to the amount of time and energy you’re dedicating to your job and what you’re doing with the time you’re not in the office.

Think about ways you can switch off. It might be watching Netflix, playing video games, or breaking a sweat in a workout. Find something that’s unique to you and lets you adjust your thinking. You’ll sleep better and will feel refreshed when you return to the office.

Make Your Work Ethic a Priority

The stronger your work ethic, the better you will perform in your role. It’s not about showing up when you’re sick. It’s not even about how many hours you spend in the office. Your work ethic is about what you do with the time that you dedicate to your job.

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