Stretches You Can do at Your Desk to Relax

You don’t need to wait until the end of the day to start to relax.

What if you could remain calm at your desk throughout the day? Sure, there will be times when you feel anxious or stressed. But there are techniques you can employ to help relieve this tension, so you don’t have to wait until the end of your shift.

Stretching at your desk can do wonders for you. It will relax your muscles, clear your head, and improve your mood. It also doesn’t take a lot of time. In fact, you don’t even need to get up out of your chair. So next time you need to relax at work, try a few of these out.

Stretching Your Neck

Your neck can carry a lot of tension, especially if you’re in front of a monitor all day and in a stressful environment.

An easy stretch to do at your desk is to lean your head forward and then roll it to one side. Hold it here for around ten seconds before rolling it the other way. Move it back to starting position and repeat three times.

Another good one is placing your left hand over the top of your head onto the right side. Gently pull your head towards the right shoulder. Hold for around 15 seconds and then repeat on the other side.

Stretching Your Shoulders and Back

Depending on how you sit at your desk can determine how often you should stretch out your shoulders. Fortunately, it’s easy to relieve tension in them.

The shoulder shrug is a great way to loosen them up. Raise both your shoulders up towards your ears at the same time. Then drop them and repeat around ten times. Maybe don’t do this one in Zoom meetings or when someone is talking to you. They might get the wrong message.

Another alternative is to clasp your hands behind your back and push your chest outward. Raise your chin and hold for ten seconds. This one will also help your upper back muscles at the same time.

Stretching Your Arms

Performing stretches on your arms can be a great way to relax multiple body parts. It’s also recommended if you constantly have your hands out on top of a keyboard.

An easy one to start with is clasping your hands together over your head with your palms facing outward. Push up as high as you can go and hold for ten seconds. Keep repeating until you feel relaxed.

You can also stretch by placing one hand in the air and reaching over to the opposite side. Hold for ten seconds and switch sides.

Stretching Your Legs

Never skip leg day. If you’re sitting at your desk for long periods, then you want to increase the blood flow in your legs and keep them awake for your entire shift.

Start by pulling one knee towards your chest and holding onto it for ten seconds. Switch to the other side and repeat. Complete three or four times to get the best outcome.

You can also work your hamstrings by extending one leg out and sliding your hand down your leg towards your toes. Once you’ve reached your limit, hold for ten seconds. Switch to the other side and repeat.

Stretch to Relax

When you rotate your head or arms, you might hear some creaks and cracks. This is a sign you need to make a habit of stretching more. You’ll feel more relaxed during the workday, think clearer, make better decisions, and perform better in your role.

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