How Frequently Should You Meet With Team Members?

Are you wondering if you need to meet with your team members more or less?

You don’t want to seem like a micromanager, but you also don’t want to feel like you’re neglecting them either. They still need direction and development. The question is, how frequently should you catch up with your people to provide them with everything they need.

The answer isn’t straightforward. It may change several times as your relationship evolves. If you’re standing at a crossroads and wondering which path to take, check out these frequencies to see when you should meet with your team members.

When to Meet Team Members Weekly

You would want to meet with team members weekly when they’re brand new to the team, or you’ve just taken over the department as their manager. It’s about getting up to speed and building a relationship foundation. How do you both work together, and what will be best moving forward?

The other reason to meet weekly is for the development of a new role. If someone in your team has gained additional responsibilities or has aspirations to move up within the organisation, you might want to spend extra time getting them ready.

When to Meet Team Members Fortnightly

For most team members, fortnightly catchups are ideal. It’s just enough time between meetings where they can get their work done or complete the objectives you have given them. This frequency is perfect when you’ve got a good working rhythm with your team member.

The key to successful fortnightly meetings is ensuring you keep your appointment. If you miss a fortnight, it becomes a monthly catch up, which might be too long. You’ll be playing catch up for the entire session instead of getting a blend of what’s happened and what’s next.

When to Meet Team Members Monthly

For many team members, monthly is an ideal frequency. It should be for direct reports who can be trusted to receive objectives and run with them. You may check in with them throughout the month, but you don’t need to schedule a formal catchup.

The best time to book your monthly meetings with team members is in the last week. It provides you with the opportunity to review the month you’re in and plan for the next one. You could do it on the first week of the new month, but use the last week if you want them to hit the ground running on day one.

When to Meet Team Members Quarterly

Regardless of which frequency you choose above, you should always schedule a quarterly catch up. It should also have a completely different agenda than your regular meetings.

Quarterly catchups should focus primarily on the role your team member is doing. Where are they performing well, and what areas could they concentrate more on. It’s also an opportunity for you to get feedback on how well you’re managing their expectations.

What to Discuss in Your Meetings

While the frequency of your meetings with team members is important, the content of the catchup is more vital. It needs to be engaging and have a purpose. So no matter how often you see your team members, make sure you’re both walking away satisfied with how you spent your time together.

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