5 Leadership Skills You Can Develop Playing Video Games

If you’ve clicked on this article, you’re probably a gamer.

Maybe you don’t think you are. You might only play video games every now and then. It might be Wordle or another mobile game that has become a recent smash hit.

Alternatively, you might be a little more of a hardcore gamer. You enjoy spending your weekends teaming up with friends on Apex Legends or grinding through a single-player experience like The Last of Us.

Regardless, you enjoy video games. But as much fun as they are, they can also help you develop your leadership skills. Here are just some of the ways they do that.

1. Teamwork

There are plenty of video games that can help you hone your teamwork skills. It doesn’t have to be a first-person shooter like Call of Duty or Fortnite. There are strategy titles like Divinity Original Sin II and the Warhammer games.

You’ll even find some quality platformer titles that are worth checking out and easily accessible. In many of these games, each character will have a specific strength that comes in handy in certain situations. You will need to identify who can do what and rely on them to help your team overcome the obstacle. It’s something more leaders should practice in their workplaces.

2. Strategy

Naturally, there are a bunch of real-time strategy titles that can help you with this skill set. You’ll need to build something from the ground up and adapt as you face challenges.

However, almost any game you play will help you develop strategy abilities. When you’re faced with an obstacle, you will need to consider how to overcome it. Sometimes it’s as simple as attacking or running away. It’s not very different to the challenges you face in the workplace. Will you continue to grind forward or try something else?

3. Problem Solving

Strategy and problem solving can go hand in hand. But the art of problem solving comes from looking at how you will overcome the obstacle. The strategy is how you will execute it.

There are many video games that drop you into an environment where you need to solve problems to move forward. It requires you to assess the situation and consider all the possibilities. This type of thinking comes in handy on a daily basis in the workplace.

4. Creativity

Creativity is one of the most underrated leadership skills. While many obstacles you face in business have been solved before, that doesn’t mean there is a better way to do it. This is where your creativity comes into effect. It usually starts with the sentence, “what happens if we do this”.

In some video games, getting from A to B requires asking this question. You will even find that many developers are shocked and surprised at how the players will come up with solutions they had never thought of.

5. Patience

Another underrated leadership skill is patience. Many people in upper management want results yesterday. They don’t let strategies play out and pivot too soon before results can get realised. They should play more video games.

Stealth titles are excellent tools for teaching patience. You will wait in the shadows to learn the routines of those around you and then work out a strategy. Puzzle video games are also great. You may need to wait for certain parts to play out before solving it in its entirety. It forces you to be patient and wait before moving forward, which you sometimes need to do in the office.

It’s Ok to Play More Video Games

While you might not be able to claim video games on your tax return as educational materials, they can help you further develop your leadership skills. The best part is that if you’re into this hobby, it will be fun for you. This is the best type of development because you’re enjoying yourself while also improving at the same time. The trick is finding this hack for other areas of your life you want to get better at.

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